Backup, restore & synchronize Printoid

The backup/restore/synchronize feature allows you to share configuration of the application across multiple versions of the app (when migrating from LITE to PREMIUM for example) or across multiple devices (your smartphone and a tablet for example).

You can create your own Printoid account to backup/restore/sync all your app configuration in the cloud.

Account creation can be done using your email address, or directly with your Google account.


From the left menu of the app, select “Printoid Account

Screenshot_20200503-141133_Printoid Premium

Create your account using your email address or using your Google account.

Your configuration will be synchronized automatically:

  • A backup to your cloud account is performed every time you close the app
  • A restore from your cloud account is performed every time you open the app

You can also trigger backup / restore on demand by opening again the Printoid Account page.


After installing the app on a new device (or installing Printoid PREMIUM after having test the LITE version) then you will be prompted to synchronize the app with an existing Printoid Account.

  1. When the app starts, click on “I HAVE AN ACCOUNT”
  2. Sign-in to your account to restore your configuration
  3. A restart of the app is needed to apply the configuration


Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Printoid services before creating your Printoid Account.

T&C and Privacy Policy →


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