Control Printoid with a keyboard

Control Printoid with a keyboard (Premium version)

The PREMIUM version of Printoid can be piloted by using a physical keyboard. This is pretty simple: just plug an USB keyboard (or connect a Bluetooth keyboard) to your device, then open Printoid.


Here are the available possibilities (this list will be enhanced over the time and the versions of Printoid Premium).

FunctionKey (AZERTY)Key (QWERTY)Key (QWERTZ)
Connect/Disconnect printerCCC
Switch fullscreenFFF
Show streaming111
Show commands222
Show OctoPrint web-app333
Show Printoid web-site444
Show printer profiles555
Show app settings666
Show app infos777
Show the files888
Show timelapses999
Show real-time 2D simulator000
Move X axis to leftQAA
Move X axis to rightDDD
Move Y axis to backZWW
Move Y axis to frontSSS
Move Z axis to topshift + Zshift + Wshift + W
Move Z axis to bottomshift + Sshift + Sshift + S
Set travel distance to 0.1mmshift + Bshift + Bshift + B
Set travel distance to 1mmBBB
Set travel distance to 10mmNNN
Set travel distance to 100mmshift + Nshift + Nshift + N
Set XY homeHHH
Set Z homeshift + Hshift + Hshift + H
Increment fan speedJJJ
Decrement fan speedshift + Jshift + Jshift + J
Increment extruder 1 temp.KKK
Decrement extruder 1 temp.shift + Kshift + Kshift + K
Increment extruder 2 temp.LLL
Decrement extruder 2 temp.shift + Lshift + Lshift + L
Increment extruder 3 temp.TTT
Decrement extruder 3 temp.shift + Tshift + Tshift + T
Increment extruder 4 temp.YYY
Decrement extruder 4 temp.shift + Yshift + Yshift + Y
Increment extruder 5 temp.UUU
Decrement extruder 5 temp.shift + Ushift + Ushift + U
Increment extruder 6 temp.III
Decrement extruder 6 temp.shift + Ishift + Ishift + I
Increment extruder 7 temp.OOO
Decrement extruder 7 temp.shift + Oshift + Oshift + O
Increment bed temp.MMM
Decrement bed temp.shift + Mshift + Mshift + M
Increment chamber temp.GGG
Decrement chamber temp.shift + Gshift + Gshift + G
Print selected filePPP
Pause printPPP
Stop printshift + Pshift + Pshift + P


You can also send your own GCODE command(s) directly from your keyboard:

  • Press the SPACE bar to open the GCODE command dialog
  • Type your GCODE command(s), each own separated by a comma if needed
  • Press the ENTER key to send the command(s)
  • Press the ESCAPE key to cancel the dialog

Easy, right? 🙂