Control Printoid with a keyboard

#⃣ Control Printoid with a keyboard (Premium version)

The Premium version of Printoid can be piloted by using a physical keyboard. This is pretty simple: just plug an USB keyboard (or connect a Bluetooth keyboard) to your device, then open Printoid.

1/ Specific commands

Here are the available possibilities (this list will be enhanced over the time and the versions of Printoid Premium).


Function Key (AZERTY) Key (QWERTY) Key (QWERTZ)
Connect/Disconnect printer C C C
Switch fullscreen F F F
Show streaming 1 1 1
Show commands 2 2 2
Show OctoPrint web-app 3 3 3
Show Printoid web-site 4 4 4
Show printer profiles 5 5 5
Show app settings 6 6 6
Show app infos 7 7 7
Show the files 8 8 8
Show timelapses 9 9 9
Show real-time 2D simulator 0 0 0
Move X axis to left Q A A
Move X axis to right D D D
Move Y axis to back Z W W
Move Y axis to front S S S
Move Z axis to top shift + Z shift + W shift + W
Move Z axis to bottom shift + S shift + S shift + S
Set travel distance to 0.1mm shift + B shift + B shift + B
Set travel distance to 1mm B B B
Set travel distance to 10mm N N N
Set travel distance to 100mm shift + N shift + N shift + N
Set XY home H H H
Set Z home shift + H shift + H shift + H
Extrusion E E E
Retraction R R R
Increment fan speed J J J
Decrement fan speed shift + J shift + J shift + J
Increment extruder 1 temp. K K K
Decrement extruder 1 temp. shift + K shift + K shift + K
Increment extruder 2 temp. L L L
Decrement extruder 2 temp. shift + L shift + L shift + L
Increment extruder 3 temp. T T T
Decrement extruder 3 temp. shift + T shift + T shift + T
Increment extruder 4 temp. Y Y Y
Decrement extruder 4 temp. shift + Y shift + Y shift + Y
Increment extruder 5 temp. U U U
Decrement extruder 5 temp. shift + U shift + U shift + U
Increment extruder 6 temp. I I I
Decrement extruder 6 temp. shift + I shift + I shift + I
Increment extruder 7 temp. O O O
Decrement extruder 7 temp. shift + O shift + O shift + O
Increment bed temp. M M M
Decrement bed temp. shift + M shift + M shift + M
Increment chamber temp. G G G
Decrement chamber temp. shift + G shift + G shift + G
Print selected file P P P
Pause print P P P
Stop print shift + P shift + P shift + P

2/ Custom GCODE commands

You can also send your own GCODE command(s) directly from your keyboard:

  • Press the SPACE bar to open the GCODE command dialog
  • Type your GCODE command(s), each own separated by a comma if needed
  • Press the ENTER key to send the command(s)
  • Press the ESCAPE key to cancel the dialog

Easy, right? 🙂