Printoid Plugin for OctoPrint

Please let me introduce you something many users were waiting for: the Printoid Plugin for OctoPrint!

This plugin aims to send push notifications to your device(s) on specific events on your OctoPrint server.

It has been made to work for both Printoid LITE and Printoid PREMIUM users.



Printoid v15.01 (at least) should be installed on your phone.

Install it or check for update on Google Play


This plugin sends immediate push notifications to your Android devices running Printoid for OctoPrint when:

  • The state of your printer is changing (to PRINTING, to PAUSED, to ERROR, and back to OPERATIONAL, for example)
  • The print job reached a certain progress (every 10%, every 25% or at 50% only)
  • Your print is now complete (progress = 100%)
  • Your print reached specified layers (requires plugin DisplayLayerProgress plugin to be installed too)
  • Your heated bed reached a specific temperature (useful to know when you can easily remove your prints from the bed, or when you can get smooth first layer)
  • Your extruder cooled down below a specific temperature (useful to be informed when you can safely turn off your printer)
  • Your printer has been paused because it requires a user action (out of filament, or manual multi color printing or M600 detection)
  • Palette 2 / Pro encountered a problem while printing
  • MMU requires user assistance (it requires Prusa firmware)
  • Firmware errors (get security alerts like thermal runaway, probing failed, min temp error, max temp error…)

This plugin does not need your phone to be connected to the same network as your OctoPrint server to send the notifications. You will be able to receive the notifications even if you are out of your home and/or connected to the cellular network (3G/4G/5G) for example.

This plugin does not need your network to be opened to the Internet. You do not need to do port forwarding, and you do not need to setup a VPN 😉

Printoid does not need to be opened on your device to receive the notifications from the plugin. The app can b killed and your phone can be sleeping, you will receive the notifications whatever happens!


This plugin is not a plugin to control your 3D printer remotely. Please be nice, don’t yell at me because this was what you expected… May be this will be possible in the future, but for the moment it would require me too much work.

This plugin only sends push to your device in order to show you notifications on your device for specific events. This way it will not update the information contained in the app (at least for the moment).


You can install the Printoid Plugin from the Plugin Manager of OctoPrint:


Click on the “Get More…” button to open the plugin installer:


From the search bar, search for “Printoid“:


And click on the “Install” button!


Wait for a few seconds and the plugin will be installed on your server.

At the end of the installation, you have to reboot your server. Please do it!

If ever the installation failed from the plugin repository, you can specify the plugin location in the “… from URL” part of the plugin installer:

Then click on the “Install” button.

At the end of the installation, you have to reboot your server. Please do it!


To setup the plugin, it is very easy!

Open the OctoPrint settings and navigate to Printoid Notifications under the Plugins section:


Open Printoid on your phone and connect the app to your OctoPrint server. The connection needs to succeed, otherwise the app won’t be able to pair with the Printoid Plugin installed on your OctoPrint server.

Wait for a tens of seconds, then click on the “Send test notification” buttons from the OctoPrint interface.

Take a look at your phone, you should receive your very first push notification! If you got it… you’re all set, guy! OctoPrint will now send push notifications to your device, without the need to keep Printoid opened on your device (and even if your phone is sleeping and locked!)


Open Printoid on your phone, and from the left menu, open the Plugins menu:

Screenshot_20200502-160835_Printoid Premium

Then select “Printoid Plugin” at the top of the list. If the plugin is properly configured on your OctoPrint server, you will land on the following page:

Screenshot_20200502-160840_Printoid Premium

From this page, you will be able to configure the different types of notifications send by your server.

Notification on print progress


You can setup different triggers for this kind of notification.

  • You can be notified every 10% (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%… until 100%)
  • You can be notified every 25% (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • You can be notified every 50% (50%, 100%)
  • You can be notified only at the end (100%)
  • You can disable these notifications

Notifications on heated head (tool0 is cooled down


This notification will be triggered when your print is ended and your extruder is cooling down. For example, if you set a value of 50°C, then you will get a notification when the extruder goes below 50°C. It is useful for example when you want to know when you can safely shutdown the fan or the printer.

Notifications on heated bed temperatures


There are two kind of notifications:

  • The first one will be triggered when your print is ended and your bed is cooling down. For example, if you set a value of 30°C, then you will get a notification when the extruder goes below 30°C. It is useful for example when you want to know when you can safely remove your printed object or shutdown the printer.
  • The second one will be triggered when you pre-heat your bed before starting a print. If you pre-heat your bed to a temperature of 60°C for example, then a notification will be triggered when this temperature is reached for the expected duration. This is useful when you want to ensure that your bed is properly heated and stable, in order to have a clean first layer.

Notifications on layer changed

Screenshot_20200502-162516_Printoid Premium

This notification needs the DisplayLayerProgress Plugin to be installed on your OctoPrint server.

You can add layer numbers you want to be notified for:

  • Click on the add button to add the passed layer number to the list of notifications
  • Click on the remove button to remove the passed layer number from the list of notifications
  • Click on the clear button to remove all the layer numbers from the list

The list of layers to be notified for is displayed in the card. Please note that the list is always cleared when you restart your OctoPrint server.

Notifications on MMU events


By default the Printoid Plugin will notify you for MMU (Prusa Multi Material Upgrade) when it requires your assistance.

You can snooze those notifications for the duration of your choice, in minutes.


Still from the Printoid Plugin screen in the app, take a look at this card (requires Android Oreo (8.0) minimum):


Printoid offers you to customize every notifications received by the app. I’ve created a lot of different channels, used depending on the type of notification:

The notifications sent by the Printoid Plugin are prefixed “Printoid Plugin:”.

For every notification channel you can customize a lot of things!

  • Should the alert make sound and/or vibrations, or not
  • Select the sound of your choice
  • Should the notification show on your lock screen or not
  • Should the notification ignore the “Do not disturb” mode of Android



This plugin has been inspired by the great one made by the developer of OctoPod for iOS. His plugin (the original one) can be found here.


If you enjoy the Printoid Plugin, then please support Gaston Dombiak, the developer of the OctoPod plugin, because he did an amazing work!