Contact the developer


  • A suggestion?
  • A feature request?
  • Some ideas to improve the app?
  • Something missing in Printoid?
  • An issue or some troubles in the app?
  • Some complains about this project?
  • Or simply the desire to say “hello” or some positive things to the developer?


Please simply read these important requirements before:

  • Say “hello”, “thank you”, “please”, “good bye”…
  • Don’t write insults, the developer is like a cat, he only understands nice words.
  • Be polite in general, as your parents taught you!
  • Before contacting the developer, be sure the response is not already available in this website.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Read the tutorials from the dedicated section.
  • Check if there is not an available update on Google Play. Most of time the issues are fixed as soon as possible.
  • Do not ask for impossible things: the developer is not a wizard and I can’t manage to produce a magical software 😉
  • Don’t forget that the developer is not affiliated to the development of OctoPrint. Issues about OctoPrint should be sent to Foosel here.
  • Please write your message in English or in French. The developer can also read Spanish, but will still answer you in English.

If your message does not match with these few requirements, consider that the developer will not be able to help you his best.

Thanks a lot for your comprehension 🙂


The developer lives in France. So the following times are UTC+1 (Paris).

  • Fastest answers schedules : Monday to Friday (from 9AM to 5PM (UTC+1))
  • Fast answers schedules : Monday to Saturday (from 5PM to 9PM (UTC+1))
  • Possible answers schedules : Saturday (from 9AM to 5PM (UTC+1))
  • No answers : every Sunday and Monday to Saturday all night long (9PM to 9AM (UTC+1))