NFC tags

Power-up your 3D printing experience, and add NFC tags to your spools!

RollingUp allows you to create and manage your base of spools in your device. But the app also makes your life easier!


1. Find NFC tags

The NFC is a powerful technology, available by default on most of middle-end and high-end devices (even on some of low-end devices!)

It is a wireless feature: you just have to “touch” a NFC tag with your phone and an action will be performed!

For example, the Nintendo Amiibos use NFC tags to communicate with your game consoles. Your credit cards also contain NFC tags for contactless payments.

It is a “low-cost” technology: NFC tags can be bought for a very small price!

-> NFC tags as stickers:

Aliexpress     Gearbest     Amazon

-> NFC tags as badges or cards:


As you can see, you can easily purchase 10+ NFC stickers for less than 5$.


2. Write NFC tags with RollingUp

It is very (very) easy. Please just ensure that your device has the NFC feature, and NFC is enabled in the settings. Otherwise RollingUp will indicates that the app is not able to write tags 😉

The NFC tags feature is available for the PREMIUM accounts.

  • Step 1: Create your spool in the app
  • Step 2: Open the NFC tags menu
  • Step 3: Click on the “write” button on the bottom-right
  • Step 4: Select your spool
  • Step 5: Put your device on your NFC tags to write it
  • Step 6: Stick your NFC tag on your spool!

Here is the tutorial with screenshots:

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3. How to use my NFC tag now?

Easy. Very easy. Too easy!

You don’t need to open RollingUp.

Unlock your phone, scan your spool by touching your NFC tag with your phone.

That’s all, RollingUp will be automatically opened on the spool details! 😉

Let’s see it in action:


And the video to show you the full process: