Hello Printoid!

Let me introduce me and Printoid. I’m Anthony, a french Android developer & Engineer since 2012.

The Printoid project has started on June, 2016. At this time, there was some indie Android applications for OctoPrint on Google Play. But no one was satisfactorily in my opinion. So I’ve started the development of my own one.

3 months later, the first release candidate was ready to be broadcasted on Google Play.

Printoid Beta

The picture above has been taken from the first version of Printoid. Yes, it was green and a bit antiquated. But I was so proud to have a all-in-one interface to pilot my 3D printer with a single click.

Printoid Prod

As you can see, Printoid has evolved a lot during the last months. Now it’s more elegant, more sensitive, more beautiful!

Today Printoid integrate all the needed features to pilot your 3D printer from your mobile phone or your tablet: axis, temperatures, ventilation, prints, etc. And also, many exclusive features like the video streaming, the custom SSH & GCODE commands panel, the direct access to the OctoPrint web-interface, and much more.

Printoid Prod streaming

And now, YOU are making Printoid better! I’m listening to all you requests, and I am committed to develop THE application you really need!

So, don’t hesitate to contact me from Printoid.net, or by e-mail:

Thanks a lot for supporting Printoid!