Partnership and friendship sites

Printoid is made in France and encourages the French technologies and market !

“Cocorico”, as we say here in France ! 🇫🇷 That’s why I’m building partnerships with French actors in the 3D printing fields. Find here all the partners of the application and take part of the advantages to be a Printoid user!

1. OctoPrint by Gina Häußge

Of course Printoid supports the development of OctoPrint, the snappy web interface for your 3D printers ! Without OctoPrint and OctoPi, Printoid would be useless… or probably really different!

OctoPrint is the best tool ever for your RepRaps and 3D printers! Developed by Gina Häußge in Germany 🇩🇪, Printoid uses its REST APIs to manage your printers.


2. ArianePlast

ArianePlast is a young innovative & dynamic company specializing in consumable materials for FDM/FFF 3D printing, established in Sarrebourg, in the north-east of France 🇫🇷

Thanks to the experience it has gained in this field, ArianePlast produces different high-quality filaments for 3D printers, such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PC… but also sells bio plastic granules & dyes for those who want to produce their own filament.

Most of the PLA are Ingeo 4043D resin, already recognized in 3D printing, have a food contact certificate and are guaranteed without Bisphenol A, and finally have a low moisture absorption.

Moreover, ArianePlast offers a 3D printing service, sells built-in 3D printers and repraps in kit… Its most innovative product is the filament compatible with laser marking.

ArianePlast offers to the Printoid users a -10% discount, available on the whole online store, with the following code: printoid


3. Dagoma

Dagoma is the leader of 3D printing in France and in Europa.

Based at Roubaix, in the north of France, the company produces really good self-duplicated 3D printers (reprap), such as the DiscoEasy200, a coreXY 200x200x200mm, and the Neva, a plug-n-play delta printer, for a very low price. The quality of there printers are as good as the best reprap in the market, and dedicated as much for the beginners as for the confirmed.


4. Cults

Cults is a market place that brings together 3D model creators and people who want to print objects in 3D. Cults is for all 3D printer owners who want access to premium and original creations to make yourself.

Because it’s not possible for everyone to have the soul of an artist or to be able to master 3D creation software, Cults showcases the work of all these designers who will make tomorrow 3D printing will become accessible to all.

Cults is also a community space that brings together all the fans of the world of 3D printing to interact with each other.


5. Grossiste3D online-shop is specialized in the sale of filaments and spools for personal and professional 3D printers.

The company is based in the Ardennes in France, and they only sell online (no physical shop). They have a serious supplier network that allows them to ensure online sales at the best prices.

They strive to offer you filament and 3D quality wire that they tested for you in real conditions. They also strive to offer you the best selling prices in the market while ensuring the highest quality of products and services and provide a real and effective after-sales service.