Trick #7: Send custom GCODE commands

How to send your own GCODE commands to your 3D printer using Printoid?

Sometimes you need to send a particular GCODE command to your 3D printer, but Printoid does not have the associated button in its interface. Don’t worry, it’s still possible!


You can send a command to your 3D printer by using the “Commands” panel. Just type it in the bottom box, then click on the “send” icon that will appear once the command to send is valid.


Each commands sent that way will be stored in the command history, that can be accessed by clicking the icon just on the left of the “send” button.



If you have read the precedent article, you probably know how to create your own GCODE command button (read the article)

  1. Simply click on the “+” button to add a new command [EDIT] From Printoid v7.xx the “+” button is present as the last element of the command list.
  2. Select “GCODE” as the type
  3. Give this new command your own label
  4. Write the command to execute
  5. Select an icon, a color, and tell Printoid if this command should be displayed on the main panel

Printoid also let you the possibility to execute more than one GCODE command at the same time!

To do that, you have to specify all your GCODE commands separated with a comma or a carriage return.

For example you can specify the following:

M18, M106 S0, M112



M106 S0


  • You can set as many commands as you want
  • Do not care about adding spaces or not after the comma, Printoid will adapt the final GCODE batch script by itself
  • Do not add quotes, carriage return, dash, slash or any other special character
  • All of the specified GCODE commands should be valid, otherwise all the script will failed, even the commands before the failed one.

You might also read the tutorial to send custom SSH commands here.


5 thoughts on “Trick #7: Send custom GCODE commands

  1. “Do not add quotes, carriage return, dash, slash or any other special character”

    What about GCODE commands that require a negative sign?
    M851 Z-1.9


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