Trick #26: How to control the TP Link plugin

A lot of users requested me the support of the TP Link Smartplug plugin in Printoid.

That’s possible natively with Printoid since the v9.09 (02/14/2018).

1/ From the left menu

There is a direct integration of the TP Link Smartplug plugin for the PREMIUM users only.

If the TP Link plugin is installed on your OctoPrint server, you will get a new entry in the left side menu. Be sure that the plugin is properly configured in your OctoPrint web interface because, Printoid will not allow you to adjust its settings.

The actual TP Link state is indicated in the icon and the label. Simply click on this entry to toggle the TP Link state.

Of course, a warning dialog will protect this feature.

2/ From the TP Link Smartplug plugin page

You can also control the plugin from its dedicated page, from:

left menu > OctoPrint Plugins > TP Link Smartplug plugin

3/ Special thanks

7 thoughts on “Trick #26: How to control the TP Link plugin

  1. Bonjour, le plugin est installé sur octoprint et parfaitement fonctionnel, mais dans Printoid (Premium) j’ai un message comme quoi il est inaccessible ou pas installé. Que faire ? Merci


    1. Bonjour Olivier,

      Veuillez configurer l’IP à utiliser dans les paramètres de Printoid, rubrique “plugins”.

      Notez svp que je vais retravailler l’intégration du TP Link plugin dans les semaines à venir 🙂



  2. Hi,
    It looks like the TP-Link plugin only works when there is only 1 TP-Link device configured in the plugin.

    I have 2 TP-Links. The “TP-Link On/Off” always shows “TP-Link On” even when both of them are already on. It does not seem to be able to determine that it is already on and therefore there is no way to turn the one device off.

    And furthermore, there is no way to control the second TP-Link device.


    1. Hello Paul,

      From the left menu, the widget only supports 1 TP link, indeed. Because 99.9% of the TP Link plugin users are using only one TP Link device.

      If you want to control more than one TP Link device, of course there is a solution : open the Plugins menu, and click on “TP Link plugin”. So you will be able to manage the whole plugin.



      1. Thanks for the response, Anthony.

        Part of the problem is that neither one actually works from the menu. When I select TP-Link from the menu, it says “Your TPLink is actually ON. Do you want to turn if OFF right now?”. That happens regardless of the state of the TP-Link that it actually controls. So the menu only ever lets you turn that one device off, you can never turn it on from there.

        I’ve now tried going to the Plugin page as well. Both of the TP-Links show up there, however both always show that they are On there as well — regardless of whether they are on or off.

        So it seems that with multiple TP-Links, Printoid is unable to determine the status of any of them.


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