The smartest remote for your 3D printers !


Printoid is the smartest remote interface for your 3D printers connected with OctoPrint, on Android™ (smartphones, tablets and ChromeBook). Controlling your 3D printers has never be as simple as today!

With the highest support of all the features provided by OctoPrint, Printoid is reliable, stable and functional as possible with the latest versions of this amazing software.

All the best of your 3D printers right in your pocket! Available right now on Google Play™.





Basic pack of features for free &
for an unlimited duration
Videos, custom commands,
2D & 3D visualizers,
real-time simulator & more…
Pro features +
advanced control,
widgets and more…

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What is Printoid?

Full 3D printer control

All you need is embedded in Printoid:
– Easy control of the axis, extruders, temperatures, ventilation…
– Support up to 10 heater heads and support heater bed
– Joysticks for a fine axis control (optional)
– Customizable presets for temperatures & fan speed
– Advanced settings to adjust the extrusion length, flowrate & feedrate
– Temperatures plotted in a graph in real-time
– Displays the current print informations in real time
– Full status of your current print in the Android’s notifications

📹 Video streaming

Printoid reassures you when you are not at home (Pro & Premium versions):
– 3 different methods to show your video streaming
– Support up to 2 cameras!
– Axis control over the video
– Floating icon to show the video, no matter where you are on your device
– Snapshot widget to get a refreshed image from your camera directly on your apps launcher
– Android quick settings tiles in the notifications bar to start the streaming or take a snapshot
– Smart display: in landscape mode, the streaming view is on the right when the printer is idle, on the left when printing!

📂 Smart file manager

Printoid manipulates your precious files with care:
– Show your GCODE and STL files from OctoPrint & the SD card of your printer
– Show your GCODE files layer per layer with the 2D visualizer (Pro & Premium versions)
– 3D visualizer for your STL and GCODE files (Pro & Premium versions)
– Download them, or upload a new file
– Start/pause/abort your prints
– Full support of the OctoPrint’s slicer feature (slice and edit slicer profiles)
– Smart folder analyzer and statistics
– Estimated printing cost

Smart and secured connection

Printoid do all the best to simplify the connection with your OctoPrint server:
– Easy configuration panel
– The app chooses to use by itself the local or remote (distant) settings when needed
– Supports the SSL connection (HTTPS)
– Supports the basic authentication
– Retrieves automatically your printer configuration (heater bed, extruders)
– Connected to your servers only when needed

🐾 All in one for the mobility

Printoid provides the best solution to control all your 3D printers:
– Add as much printer profiles as you want (Pro & Premium versions)
– Easily switch between your printers (Pro & Premium versions)
– Android Wear module to control your printers from your watch!

👌 The best compatibility possible

Printoid has been made for most of the Android users.
– Compatible from Android 4.0 (about 98.4% of the Android phones in September, 2016)
– Available for both entry-level and high-end smartphones
– Optimized for the phones and the tablets (7″ and 10″)
– Usage in portrait or in landscape modes
– Display options for Deuteranopia (red-green color blindness)

🍀 Cool extra-features

What’s a great application without its cool extra-features?
– Timelapses downloader and timelapse configurator
– Terminal in real-time of all the GCODE commands sent to the printer (Pro & Premium versions)
– Send custom GCODE commands to your printer (Pro & Premium versions)
Send custom SSH commands to your Raspberry PI (Pro & Premium versions)
Call your own built-in OctoPrint commands (Pro & Premium versions)
Send custom CURL commands to your Raspberry PI (Pro & Premium versions)
– Direct access to your OctoPrint’s web interface from Printoid (Pro & Premium versions)
– Control the UI & features with a physical keyboard (Premium version)
– Control the UI & features through ADB (Premium version)
– Job monitor widget for your app launcher (Premium version)
– Screen locker for the best safety while printing
– A lot of different themes available

Supported languages

With the help of the community, today Printoid is translated in the following languages:
– 🇬🇧 English
– 🇫🇷 French (France)
– 🇷🇺 Russian (Россия)
– 🇩🇪 German (Deutsch)
– 🇪🇸 Spanish (Español)
– 🇳🇱 Dutch (Nederlands)

📧 The best support from the developer

Simply send a mail to the developer when you have some troubles, or suggestions! Very fast answers all the week long – answers possible for emergencies during the week-end:

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