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There are two versions of Printoid:

  • Printoid LITE: it is the trial version, with limited features (only the very basic ones) and you can use it for an unlimited time (without any ads)
  • Printoid PREMIUM: it is the main and the best version of Printoid, full-featured, with a of useful things to give super-powers to your 3D printer(s)!


LITE version

The LITE version of Printoid is available for free on Google Play.

This version is not full-featured, but it allows you to test the application for an unlimited time. I advise you to download this one first in order to test at least the connection with your OctoPrint server.

Printoid LITE does not contains advertising.

You will, of course, be able to:

  • Navigate on your files and folders
  • Start, monitor and pause/stop your prints
  • Control your printer (axis, up to 10 heater heads, heater bed, ventilation…)
  • Be notified of your print progress
  • Estimate cost of your prints
  • Control your 3D printer with Android Wear
  • Control as many OctoPrint profiles as you want
  • Support of Printoid Plugin
  • And much more basic features!Get it on Google Play


PREMIUM version

The PREMIUM version is the paid version of Printoid, to support the development of the application. This one brings you a lot of features, including (at least):

  • A direct access to the video streaming from your camera (support up to 2 cameras!)
  • A panel to send your custom SSH & GCODE commands
  • A visualizer of 2D layers from your GCODE files
  • A real-time 2D simulator during your prints
  • A 3D visualizer for your GCODE and STL files
  • Support of Printoid Plugin
  • Support of some OctoPrint’s plugins (Octolapse, Enclosure, AutomaticShutdown…)
  • PSU control plugin support & integration in the left menu
  • TP-Link Smartplug plugin support & integration in the left menu
  • Tuya Smartplug plugin support & integration in the left menu
  • WemoSwitch plugin support & integration in the left menu
  • Backup & restore features to synchronize multiple devices
  • A direct access to the OctoPrint web-interface
  • Integration of Filament Spool Manager
  • Show the status of all your OctoPrint servers on the same screen with Printoid Hub
  • Control Printoid with a physical keyboard
  • Create your own physical interface to control Printoid over ADB
  • Android widgets to start Printoid directly with the expected OctoPrint profile
  • Android widget to show the progress of your current prints

Pricing (the price may depends on your country):

  • USA: $7.99 (USD)
  • Europa: 7.49€ (EUR)
  • United Kingdom: £6.99 (GBP)

Get it on Google Play

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PRO version

The PRO version is no more available on Google Play. This version has been unpublished since July, 2019.

Why Printoid PRO has been unpublished? →

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Price (USA) Free $7.99
Price (EUR) Free 7.49€
Price (UK) Free £6.99
Printer controls
Smart connection
SSL & Basic Auth
10 extruders support
Heater bed support
Smart files manager
Folder analyzer
Cost estimations
Temperatures plotting
Multiple OctoPrint servers
Printoid Plugin
Screen locker
Backup settings locally
Backup settings in account
WearOS module
Samsung Wear module
Video streaming
Support of 2 cameras
3D visualizer
2D visualizer
GCODE commands
SSH commands
cURL commands
OctoPrint webapp
OctoPrint’s plugins
Spool manager
Lock app with password/fingerprint
Restore settings locally
Restore settings from account
Printoid Hub
PSU control plugin
TP-Link Smartplug plugin
Tuya Smartplug plugin
WemoSwitch plugin
Control with keyboard
Control with ADB
Job monitoring widget
Early updates
Customization for your business
(Contact me for pricing)