Migrate from Printoid PRO to PREMIUM


Since the 1st of January, 2021, it is no more possible to be refunded for the PRO version if you want to migrate to Printoid PREMIUM.

If you are a PRO user, you can re-install the application by yourself easily. Please follow this tutorial.

Purchase PREMIUM to support the developer

As a PRO user, you can still purchase Printoid PREMIUM on Google Play and consider it as a donation to help the developer to maintain the application.

Purchase PREMIUM →

Restore your config →

Continue to use Printoid PRO

Printoid PRO is no more published on Google Play but I continue to maintain this version for the users of the app. I maintain a shared folder on Google Drive, so you can get the latest version on it and you can continue to install the APK on your device(s).

Please note that this solution is only available for the users who have initially purchased the PRO version on Google Play. The new users have to purchase the PREMIUM version on Google Play.

Do not try to install the PRO version on your device if you did not purchased it when it was on Google Play, because you still need to have a valid license 😉

Get the PRO APK →

How to install an APK →

Restore your config →


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