Why Printoid PRO is no more available on Google Play?

Hello Printoid users,

This is an important message, especially for users of Printoid PRO.


I have unpublished Printoid PRO from Google Play.

That means:

  • Only Printoid LITE and PREMIUM remain on Google Play
  • Printoid PRO can’t be downloaded by new users
  • If you have Printoid PRO installed on your device, you can still enjoy app updates


Because, the offer was not clear enough for everyone. There were 3 versions of Printoid on Google Play:

  • LITE, for free but with limited features
  • PRO, paid app with all the main features of the app
  • PREMIUM, paid app initially made for 3D printing business

There is a versions comparator on Printoid.net, and from the app itself (within the tutorials). But, that was still not clear enough, even for new users and for current users of the app.

I really wanted to make a clear offer of the app since a while (see the discussion here) and that’s why I had to make a choice. And the choice I’ve made is to keep only Printoid PREMIUM as the only paid app, with all the features.


New users will be still able to download Printoid LITE to give a test to the app, then they will be able to pay for Printoid PREMIUM to unlock all the features.

  • LITE, for free but with limited features
  • PREMIUM, paid app but full featured


The current PRO users will still be able to:

  • Keep the application installed on your phone, of course
  • Enjoy every new releases (still from Google Play, as usual)

The only thing that will change for you is that, if ever you buy a new device, if ever you change your phone, if ever your reset your current device, you won’t be able to download Printoid PRO from Google Play. Instead, you will have to download the Printoid PRO APK and install it by yourself.

Get the PRO APK →

How to install an APK →

Restore your config →


7 thoughts on “Why Printoid PRO is no more available on Google Play?

  1. Love the lite version. Premium has more features than I need as a hobby printer. Streaming is one feature I would like if you ever switch to alacart pricing.


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