Trick #22: Migrate from Printoid PRO to Printoid PREMIUM

Printoid PRO and Printoid PREMIUM are two different flavors of the app, both available on Google Play.

The full versions comparator can be found here

A lot of PRO users want to migrate to the PREMIUM one: thank you guys to support my work! Of course, you are not forced to pay the whole PREMIUM version if ever you had already purchased the PRO version.


I can refund you the PRO version, so you will only pay the difference when purchasing the PREMIUM version 😉 That’s 60% off.

Step 1: Send me your purchase ID

Simply send me an e-mail with your purchase ID you’ve received when you’ve bought the PRO version. The purchase ID is sent by Google Play by e-mail just after the purchase (that’s your invoice). It looks like :


Be nice, copy & past your purchase ID, it’s much more practical than a screenshot of your mail 😉

Without this purchase ID, I can’t do anything. I simply can’t refund you, because Google Play let me to find the purchases by their ID only.

Step 2: Purchase the PREMIUM version

On Google Play, simply purchase and install Printoid PREMIUM.

Step 3: Migrate your configuration to the PREMIUM app

The full tutorial can be found here:

Important notes:

  • That seems annoying, but that’s pretty fast to do. Printoid does not keep anything into the cloud to protect your private life and the access to your servers.
  • Please migrate the data before waiting for getting your money back, because a refund will automatically uninstall the PRO version from your phone.

Step 4: PRO version refund

Once you’re all done, please keep me updated by e-mail. I will refund you for the PRO version.

Again, if you want to be refund before purchasing the app, no problem for that. But please ensure that you’ve properly made a backup of the app data before (read the step 3) because any refund will uninstall the app automatically.

Important note

If you enjoy the app and want to support my work, you can also migrate to the PREMIUM version without having to get a refund for the PRO version.

That way, you help me a lot to maintain the Printoid Project alive, and that’s the best way to support my hard night on the development of the app 😉


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