Version 8.11 (10/20/2017)

Latest maintenance release, still thanks to your feedbacks 😉

Thanks a lot (and a lot) to Patryk Sudoł who helped me to fix a longstanding issue with Printoid (data usage leaks with the video streaming feature). In fact, some of you have experimented this terrible issue when you opened the streaming view in the app, then you switch to another app (or press ‘home’ button) then gone back to Printoid. The video streaming was restarted…but not currently shown on screen, and unfortunately at this time, if you didn’t open the streaming panel again, then the streaming buffer was kept opened and kill your data fair-use…

I’m very sorry for this huge inconvenient, but unfortunately that was really hard to reproduce based on the approximative feedbacks I’ve received. But thank you, Patryk Sudoł, you are a hero \o/

This issue will also fix a part of the issues introduced with the latest releases. I really want to make Printoid as stable as possible before integrating other features.

1/ You can still help me to improve the app by emailing me at:

2/ You can migrate from Printoid PRO to Printoid PREMIUM easily

You don’t need to give a ‘1 star review’ to the app if you wanna migrate to the PREMIUM version. This will not help you at all 😉

Simply send me an email to, with your purchase ID (this ID starts with ‘GPA.’ and can be found in the email you’ve received from Google Play after the purchase).

I will do all my best to refund you for the PRO version, as fast as possible. The backup & restore feature will help you to go the migration.

3/ You can also help me to finance the development of Printoid for Android & iOS and the new amazing features with a small donation 🙂

I need your help to continue the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉


🍁 Changelog

🔧 Finally fix the data usage leaks thanks to the great help of Patryk Sudoł!
🔧 Improve the speed of loading informations in the main screen
🔧 Retrieve server status & file changes in real-time
🔧 Enhance the process life in background
🔧 Better connectivity state management
🔧 Enhance OctoPrint profiles editor layout look & feel
🔧 Lot of bug & crash fixes

🍁 Note de version

🔧 Enfin, un fix pour la fuite de données mobiles, grace à l’aide de Patryk Sudoł !
🔧 Amélioration de la rapidité de chargement des infos
🔧 Récupération du statut du serveur et des changements sur les fichiers en temps réel
🔧 Amélioration des process en tâche de fond
🔧 Meilleure gestion de l’état de la connexion
🔧 Amélioration de l’écran d’édition des profils OctoPrint
🔧 Fix de nombreux bugs et crashes


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