Configure OctoEverywhere

OctoEverywhere is a plugin for OctoPrint that allows you to access securely your server over the Internet, from any web browser or any third-party app.

This solution has many advantages:

  • No network configuration to do on your side
  • Secured access to your network over the Internet
  • Transparent integration in Printoid, everything works flawlessly in the app
  • Easy to setup

This is a paid service, since it cost a lot on hosting the servers. The first plan starts at $2.99 (USD) per month only.


The developer of Printoid is not the developer of OctoEverywhere. I do not develop and maintain this service at all.
Please also note that I do not earn anything if you use this service, as a user of Printoid.
Please finally note that I can’t offer you any discount for the OctoEverywhere service, since this is not my service at all.


Create your account on the OctoEverywhere website and provide the required information. →

Click on “Login Or Sign Up” on the top right corner:

Then click on “Create Account“:

Create your account with your Email and Password:

Check your mailbox, and validate your email:

Then, click on Add Printer from the OctoEverywhere interface:

You need now to install the OctoEverywhere plugin on your OctoPrint server. Please follow the instructions provided by OctoEverywhere:

OctoEverywhere plugin →

Complete the process (Engine Ignition) by following all the indication provided by OctoEverywhere.

Once your printer is added to OctoEverywhere, you will be able to find it on the dashboard:

Starting from now, you can click on “Connect” to access to your OctoPrint server web interface from everywhere!


From the OctoEverywhere dashboard, click on Setup 3rd Party App: →

Then create a Shared connection for the printer of your choice. Add then App Name of your choice (it will only be used for future messages and display in OctoEverywhere, you can set the value you want. Example: “Printoid” is fine). Then click on Create:

OctoEverywhere will generate you a Shared connection link:

The final step is very easy: simply copy this shared URL to the WAN IP in your OctoPrint Profile in Printoid:

OctoEverywhere uses HTTPS

No matter your settings, OctoEverywhere uses HTTPS for a secured connection. For your security, this setting can not be changed on your side.

You’re all done. Now you can connect to your OctoPrint server with Printoid from everywhere!