Installation of OctoPrint and configuration of Printoid

Learn how you should install OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, how to configure your network and finally how to configure Printoid to communicate with your servers from your local network and over the Internet.

Connecting OctoPrint with Printoid

Learn how to configure your first OctoPrint profile in Printoid in order to access it without connection issues. Each parameter is detailed in this tutorial to prevent any errors or misunderstanding.

Access OctoPrint over the Internet

Learn how you should configure your network and your rooter in order to be able to access OctoPrint over the Internet. Indeed, most of you are thinking that Printoid can connect to OctoPrint from any network by itself, but in fact, Printoid directly depends on your network configuration. This page is a breve but complete tutorial to configure properly your rooter.

Adjusting the Printoid settings

Learn everything about the settings of Printoid, and get the power of all the exclusive features! The settings panel brings you a complete set of parameters to enhance your experience with the application.

How to use Printoid’s features

Learn how you can use some features of Printoid, as for example the 3D visualizer, or the extra features of the Premium version of Printoid! You should take a look on it before using them, because many informations are pretty useful here.

Tricks and tips

A lot of useful tricks and tips to make your experience easier! Learn how to use & configure some extra-features, and much more!