Install and configure

Welcome in the official tutorials!

You’ve probably found Printoid on Google Play, Twitter, Facebook… And you want to give it a try!

Printoid is a powerful remote interface for your OctoPrint server(s). Here are all the prerequisites. Please read carefully the following tutorials before downloading it from Google Play.



Printoid is a remote interface which communicates with your OctoPrint server, itself connected to your 3D printer over USB for example. Please read this tutorial to understand how the app works and how to install OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi.

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Connecting OctoPrint with Printoid

Printoid is really easy to use and to configure for the first time. The connection to OctoPrint requests you to provide a few parameters. But, of course, Printoid can’t do all the magik. You need to ensure first that your OctoPrint server is properly installed, configured, and reachable from a web browser first.

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Access OctoPrint over the Internet

A lot of you want to use OctoPrint outside of their local network (i.e. from the Internet, by using a smartphone connected to the cellular network for example). Fortunately, this is possible. I explain you how to do that.

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Adjusting the settings

The settings of Printoid offers you a complete set of adjustable parameters. That’s the best way to enhance your experience with Printoid. Don’t hesitate to read the following topic because a lot of exclusive features can be activated from the different settings panel!

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