[IMPORTANT] Last time to migrate from PRO to PREMIUM version!

Dear Printoid PRO users,

The 15th of July, 2019, Printoid PRO has been unpublished from Google Play for multiple reasons.
You can read this article to understand why.

Since this day, I offered the PRO users to refund them this version if they wanted to migrate to the PREMIUM one, as it is explained in this article.

Starting from the 1st of January, 2021, I will not be able to refund the PRO version anymore, because of Google Play Payment limitations (please note that, it is not my own decision, because I do not handle the payments by myself, Google is my service provider for selling the application on its platform).

Thereby, this is the last month if you want to migrate to Printoid PREMIUM without having to pay the full price of the app!

Please note that:

– You will still be able to download the latest APK of the PRO version for free if you want to continue to install this version on your (new) devices: here is the link to download it.

– The PRO version will continue to be maintained, on both Google Play (for the active users, you will continue to receive Printoid PRO updated from Google Play even if the app can not be found anymore on the research) and Google Drive.

Of course this is not a strategy to force you to pay twice for the ‘same’ application. This is a limitation independent of my will.

Feel free to contact me at contact@printoid.net if you need more information about that.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Stay safe,



8 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Last time to migrate from PRO to PREMIUM version!

      1. OK say what you’re saying is if I purchase using PayPal you will send me the apk?


  1. I’ve already migrated to premium. I pay for very few apps, this is one of them. It’s worth it!

    I’m thankful you offered the refund, but I’m not taking it. Have a beer instead 🙂


  2. Canned auto reply email when trying to do migration. No refund received, so seems I was tricked into paying $15 for two apps. And since it says wait 2 days, I cannot refund the premium purchase via play store. Am I supposed to get a confirmation that refund is being processed? Or was I scammed?


      1. Hi John.

        I have used these guys for years. They will never do you in.


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