Printoid + OctoEverywhere work together!

Dear Printoid users,

First I want to wish you all my best for this new year, for you and your family. I really hope that 2021 will be a better year than 2020…

I want to announce you that the OctoEverywhere service works now flawlessly with Printoid!

You can now access your OctoPrint server easily and securely over the Internet using Printoid:

  • No need to open a port on your router (port forwading)
  • No need to setup a VPN

Configure OctoEverywhere →


The developer of Printoid is not the developer of OctoEverywhere. I do not develop and maintain this service at all.
Please also note that I do not earn anything if you use this service, as a user of Printoid.
Please finally note that I can’t offer you any discount for the OctoEverywhere service, since this is not my service at all.


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