Version 17.00 (01/31/2021)

For the first release of 2021, Printoid comes with a brand new icon, design by Aude B.

This new icon reflects the main goal of the app: monitor your 3D printer(s) controlled by OctoPrint from your Android device.

I really hope you like it 🙂

Printoid v17.00 also comes with the full support of the OctoEverywhere plugin.

You can now monitor your OctoPrint servers remotely with a safe access, and without complicated configuration on your hand!

Configure OctoEverywhere →

Progressive release:

– If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.

– Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.

❄️ Changelog

✏ New app icon, designed by Aude B.
✏ Full support of the OctoEverywhere plugin
🔧 Lot of bugfixes

❄️ Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle icône de l’appli, design par Aude B.
✏ Support complet du plugin OctoEverywhere
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs


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