(Very) Frequently Asked Questions

This article is called “V.F.A.Q.”, this is a brand new concept I’ve just created 😉 In fact it is a basic “F.A.Q” (Frequently Asked Questions) but in this “V.F.A.Q.” I answer again (and again) to questions I’ve already answered in the “F.A.Q.”, but the main difference is that I still received these questions by email again (and again…)

Please note that, this article is mainly humorous, even if I really answer to the listed questions 😉 do not feel struck by the tone taken by the answers!

1/ I have a question, is there a “F.A.Q.” or something similar somewhere?

Welcome in this “V.F.A.Q.”. I will now show you how to find the classic “F.A.Q.” :

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. Navigate to https://printoid.net (good news: you’re already on!)
  3. Click on the “FAQ” menu
  4. That’s all 😉 here you are.

2/ Printoid can’t connect to my server when I’m out of my home, this app sucks, you developer suck too.

Printoid is not a magical tool. Printoid can’t do your coffee in the morning too 😉 Printoid is a remote for your OctoPrint server, so Printoid assumes that you have :

  • An OctoPrint server properly configured
  • An OctoPrint server properly reachable

If you want to have a remote access to your OctoPrint server when you are ‘out of your local network’ then please follow the following tutorial, as indicated multiple times by the app 😉

3/ Hey, the fan speed is never updated, this is a terrible issue, I can’t use the app is the fan speed is always reset to 0 !!!!!!

Please follow this tutorial:

Show current fan speed in Printoid

4/ Few time ago I’ve bought the app and now it seems that… I have to buy the app again! I don’t understand why you force your users to buy the app again, this is crap, what a shame, you are the worst developer of the world, you should be ban from Google Play

No. I’ve never forced my users to purchase the app again.

Yes, Printoid PRO is not published anymore on Google Play. And I’ve explained the reasons here. Here is an extract of this article, so you don’t have to read it:

But, don’t worry, that’s not really a problem. Just send me an email, I will indicate to you how to install Printoid PRO again on your device (of course, without paying anything)


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