Version 12.01 (01/21/2019)

First version of 2019!

All my wishes for this new year! Happiness, luck, health, success… May this year provide you with joy and love!

This new version of Printoid brings major changes. Here is the list!

Progressive release: if the update is still not available for you, please be patient, this will come soon for everybody.

1/ New first profile creation wizard

The onboarding screens of Printoid have been reworked. Now the very first screen is more modern, and matches with the main objective of the app (see bellow).

I’ve also developed a wizard to help you in the creation of your first OctoPrint profile in the app: instead of landing on the profile configuration page, you are now guided step by step for each required settings. Each setting is now explained, and there are links to tutorials on when needed.

2/ Min required Android version

Google has deprecated Android Ice Cream Sandwish (4.0 to 4.0.3). That means, now, Android 4.1 is the minimum required Android version to run the app:

  • This is a good news for me: supporting very old Android versions is a mess and a challenge everyday. By removing 2 old levels of API (15 and 16) it will be easier for me to maintain the code, and I will avoid workarounds to keep supporting them.
  • This is a good news for 99.5% of you : the code will be more modern, so the interface will be more modern too.
  • This is a bad news for 0.5% of you : the app will stop to update for devices under Android 4.0 – 4.0.3. Users that already have the app installed on such devices will keep the app installed. New users will not be able to download the app on such devices anymore.

If you want to use Printoid on a very old device, actually under Android 4.0 – 4.0.3, everything is not dead for you: you can still installed a custom ROM (firmware) on your device, such as LineageOS for example:

3/ TP-Link Smartplug plugin enhancement

The support of the TP-Link Smartplug plugin has been enhanced a lot in this version.

Notice: This is a Printoid PREMIUM feature only.

Now you don’t have to configure the IP of the TP-Link device in the settings of Printoid. The app is now able to list automatically all your available TP-Link devices in the Plugins screen > TP-Link plugin page.

Please note that, of course, the TP-Link Smartplug devices still have to be configured in the OctoPrint web-interface settings. It is not possible to configure plugins from Printoid.

4/ Temperatures issue in screensaver mode

A lot of users reported me this issue: in screensaver mode (the screen which comes after 30 sec of inactivity) the temperature values were not properly updated.

This issue is finally fixed in this version.

Notice: The screensaver screen is available in Printoid PRO and PREMIUM only.


✏ New wizard for your first profile creation
✏ Min required Android version is now JellyBean (4.1)
✏ TP-Link plugin is now improved and works well
✏ Plugins page are now translated
✏ Reduced package size
🔧 Fix download file feature
🔧 Fix QR-code scanner
🔧 Fix screensaver text size & temperatures issues
🔧 Fix enclosure plugin issues

Notes de version

✏ Nouveau wizard de création du premier profil
✏ La version min d’Android requise est JellyBean (4.1)
✏ Amélioration du plugin TP-Link Smartplug
✏ Les plugins sont désormais traduits
✏ Réduction de la taille du package
🔧 Fix du téléchargement de fichiers
🔧 Fix du scanner de QR-code
🔧 Fix du screensaver (textes et températures)
🔧 Fix du plugin Enclosure


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