Version 12.03 (01/28/2019)

Maintenance release, this one takes into account a lot of your feedbacks 🙂

You can continue to report me issues, to send me your feedbacks, ideas, etc. to enhance the application by email at

Please note that:

  • Printoid is an Android application. The iOS version is not available.
  • Printoid Wear is an application for Android Wear / WearOS by Google. Not for Apple Watch, nor for Samsung Watch (Tizen). It is actually not planed to make Printoid compatible with Tizen.

It is not needed to contact me about the portage of Printoid / Printoid Wear on systems other than Android 🙂

Progressive release: if the update is still not available for you, please be patient, it will come very soon for everybody.

🎆 Changelog

✏ Enhance durations: the remaining time now properly count down second by second
✏ Reduced package size (the wear module no more embeded in the package)
✏ Allow to enable/disable control with keyboard (Premium only)
🔧 Fix QR-code scanner crashes
🔧 Fix account backup/restore on cloud
🔧 Fix account management page in landscape
🔧 Lot of other bugfixes

🎆 Notes de version

✏ Durées améliorées : le temps restant décompte désormais proprement
✏ Réduction du package (le module wear est désormais externalisé)
✏ Activez/désactivez le contrôle par clavier (Premium uniquement)
🔧 Fix du scanner de QR-code
🔧 Fix du backup/restore dans le compte cloud
🔧 Fix de la page de management du compte en paysage
🔧 Nombreux autres fix de bugs


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