⚠️ Report on the development of Printoid for iOS (Apple users)

Printoid for…iOS?

The community of Printoid users is growing fastly. And I receive in my emails these recuring questions everyday:

Is there a version of Printoid for iOS?

Is the development of the iOS version on your planning?

Can you please report me the progress on the iOS version?

Android VS iOS… an eternal struggle

Thank you for asking me.In fact, I enjoy receiving that kind of messages, because it’s not within the brackets of the support, bug report and cie (and finally, it’s not additional work for me, haha!). Also, it proves the craze around the app, and that’s amazing for me. Of course, if I was able to give you an iOS version right now…it would be with a great pleasure!

The developer answers you

At the risk of disappointing you guys, are my answers to your questions.

The knowledges

I work as a senior Android developer since more than 5 years. Before that, I was specialized in the customization of Android devices (exploits, root, bootloader unlocking, etc.). Moreover, today, I’m specialized in the development of applications with critical needs on Android. That means I need to understand in depth how Android works, and how the applications work together in this system.

I use Android devices everyday. My phones, my tablets, my car system, and since Android 1.5.

So… I don’t have the sufficient knowledge for the moment to develop an app for iOS, morevore I don’t know at all how an iPhone works because…I never had an iPhone on my hands (shame on me!)

The time

Yes, I could learn how to develop an app for iOS. That’s an important part of my job: always learn new techniques of development.

But, as a lot of you always know: Printoid is not my full time job. That “just” a project I’ve started 1 year and a half ago for the makers, the OctoPrint users, and at the begining…for myself 😉

From Monday to Friday, I work in Paris for a french company. So, I can only work on Printoid on my free time. Sometimes, 2 ou 3 hours after my day of work. Sometimes on Saturday and Sunday. That’s a passion, a pleasure. But very time-consuming 😉 I also want to enjoy my family, my girl-friend, my friends, my home…

As the only developer on Printoid, is it possible to continue this development, and start the development of the iOS version in parallel?

The money

Of course yes, it is probably possible. But when I’ve started the development of Printoid, I didn’t expect to spent as much of my free time in this project.

The best way for me to provide you an iOS version is to delegate the development to another developer, or to an external company.

That’s what I’ve done: since several months, a freelance developer has been mandated to develop Printoid for iOS. But, I’m sorry to say that, today, this development is in stand-by. Because, the development of an application is very expensive, I don’t have enough money to continue.

You can see for yourself how much does it cost to make an app on this website. Yes, that’s just an estimation of the price, but a pretty good estimation:

Here are my sources of income:
  • Printoid PRO and PREMIUM, both paid apps on Google Play
  • The funding campain on Patreon
  • The generous one-time donations
  • AdWords integration on this website
Do not be fooled by appearances, I don’t earn a lot of money at all ^^ as I always say: I don’t want to use Printoid to make me richer. That’s only sufficient to maintain by myself the development of Printoid on Android:
  • More than 3 hours of work per day (week)
  • More than 5 hours of work per day (weekend)
  • Support and answers by email 24/7
  • A lot of PLA & ABS consumption for the continuous tests of the app (24/7)
  • Maintenance of the test servers
  • Website development and hosting
  • Graphic assets for the app and for Google Play
  • Ads and promotional materials
  • Dues and taxes on the different icomes
To sum up…


Just trolling, don’t worry 😉

The solutions

Of course, I think about different solutions to produce this iOS version.

1/ Continue with the actual situation

Nop, that’s not a solution. The Patreon campain is not a good way to fund something for the moment (only ~34$ per months… but, thank you so much to the patreons who are helping me to continue my work, I really (really) appreciate your help), and the one-time donations is not a good solution too.

2/ Save money

Save some money on development costs for Android – and wait for sufficient funds to continue the development of the iOS version. With this solution, I purely don’t know when I’ll be able to continue the development of the iOS version. I can’t promise you a date for a release candidate.

3/ Raising the funds with a crowdfunding campain

I’ve never tried the crowdfunding platforms. But (fingers-crossed) may be a KickStarter campain could be helpful, if the craze operates.
That kind of campain needs a lot of communication, and a lot of work too. But, why not… what do you think about that, guys?

4/ Stop to maintain Printoid LITE

I could also stop to maintain Printoid LITE, the free version of Printoid. The current LITE users would be able to keep this version installed if they want, but it would be no more maintain at all.
This version would be no more accessible from Google Play, so users would be only able to download Printoid PRO and PREMIUM, both as paid apps.

5/ A monthly subscription to use Printoid

I could also stop to maintain three versions (LITE for free, PRO and PREMIUM as paid apps) and release a unique version of Printoid on Google Play, with a LITE pattern only at the first opening.
Then users would be able to subscribe to a monthly subscription: for example:
-> LITE contract: no subscription for the moment, the app would be usable for 1 month.
-> PRO contract: 1$ (or 1€) per month to use the PRO features
-> PREMIUM contract: 2$ (or 2€) per month to use the PREMIUM features
Not sure that the reception of this change would be acclaimed by the current PRO and PREMIUM users, of course…

An important survey

Also, don’t hesitate to post your reactions here, on Twitter and Facebook, and to contact me if you have some brillant ideas!
Android and iOS users can love each other!

4 thoughts on “⚠️ Report on the development of Printoid for iOS (Apple users)

  1. I want this on iOS so bad. The apps we have on iOS are just super basic, and literally opening the browser and using the octopi webGUI gives way more control. Like for example, we cannot power on and off the printer from our phone, or lights. We have nothing anywhere close to the level of this amazing looking app you’ve made. I wish that someone with the knowledge to make iOS apps was willing to help you with it. Oh well… I hope one day you are able to port the app to iOS. Thanks!


  2. If you are the kind of person who likes a product like Printoid, aka a “Maker” you should consider ditching Apple anyway. Google is no saint but Apple is so anti-maker.


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