Version 9.07 (01/18/2018)

2018 – First release of the new year! Printoid v9.07 is here guys.

What’s new ? 2018 will be the year of new exclusive features, and this version brings you three more useful tools for your 3D printers 🙂

1. Screen-saver mode (PRO and PREMIUM users)

A lot of you have embedded an old smartphone or a tablet in there 3D printer case. Wow! Don’t hesitate to send me some pictures, it would be a pleasure to share them with the other users here!

For you guys, I’ve integrated something great to make your printer looking greater when 3D printing your things: the screensaver mode!

That’s not a screensaver to…save your screen. But rather a new screen that will automatically starts after 30 seconds of inactivity (that means you’ve not touched the device for the last 30 seconds) if ever your server is printing something.

This screen is great because it compiles only the main informations about the job progress, displayed in a nice interface with bigger texts, visual effects and streaming if you have a camera to monitor your prints.

Please note that:

  • You can start it manually by switching the “monitor” panel in fullscreen (from the left menu, when you’re on the main interface)
  • If you have more than one camera configured in Printoid, click on the streaming view to change the stream!
  • This feature is only available for the PRO and PREMIUM users
  • You can disable the screensaver mode from the settings of Printoid


2. GCODE commands database (PRO and PREMIUM)

You need to send a specific GCODE command to your 3D printer. You can’t remember what’s the command syntax. Even worse, you know that it is a M-code command but you can’t remember which. So your reflex is simple: you will open your web browser, search on Google what can be this command, open more than one website or forum until you find the correct syntax. Annoying, doesn’t it?

Printoid is now smarter than before: on the command panel, start to type the GCODE command you wanna send. And… ta-da! I’ve integrated a full GCODE commands database, ordered by command name, with a short resume and a way to access to the complete description of the command, including the requested syntax, examples, notes, extra parameters…

Moreover, the database allows you to auto-complete the command you are typing, for example:

  • “M” will display all M-codes
  • “M1” will display all M-codes from M1 to M199 (only available commands)
  • “M10” will display all M-codes from M100 to M109 (only available commands)
  • etc…

Click on a command row to complete you own. Click on the “eye” button to read the command description. Easy. Smart. Powerful. Time saver.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. New OctoPrint profiles widget (PRO and PREMIUM)

Printoid already let you the possibility to add a widget on your launcher to directly start Printoid with a given OctoPrint profile: the “Starter” widget.

First of all, I’ve integrated the profile picture in the widget in order to make your launcher looking better 😉

Secondly, some of you were annoyed to have to add one widget per profile. I understand that. So I’ve not reworked the current “Starter” widget, but I’ve created a brand new one, which is able to display all you available profiles in the same list, with the possibility to directly start Printoid on the selected profile. Great, right?

4. Stop motors button

There is a “stop motors” button since a while on the main interface. Really helpful for those who want to adjust/configure their printers manually between two prints for example. This button sent the M18 command (compatible especially with Marlin-based firmware).

Now this command sent both M18 and M84 commands to support all the 3D printer firmwares.

These both commands are doing the same:

This command can be used to set the stepper inactivity timeout (S) or to disable one or more steppers (X,Y,Z,E).

If a timeout is given with S, this command just sets the stepper inactivity timeout.

If no steppers are specified, this command disables all steppers immediately.

If one or more axes are specified, this command disables the specified steppers immediately.

5. Background mode and Doze Mode

Google has introduced the Doze Mode in Android 6.0 to prevent background processes to run when the phone is sleeping (i.e. screen off).

This behavior prevents battery drain issues, but it also kills the background process of Printoid, that means I’m not able to assure the notification updates anymore at this time (please note that the behavior also depends on your phone model).

To prevent that, you can disable the Doze Mode for Printoid. A direct access has been provided in the app settings 😉


🎆 Changelog

✏ New feature: screensaver mode when printing, after 30s of inactivity!
✏ New feature: GCODE commands database when sending unitary command + autocompletion + commands details!
✏ New widget: all your OctoPrint profiles in a single list to quickly start Printoid!
✏ Rework the commands panel look & feel
✏ New setting: disable Android doze mode
✏ Profile pictures in widgets
✏ Reorder the UI settings
🔧 Stop motors button sends both M18 and M84 commands
🔧 Improve temperatures display
🔧 Fix streaming by overlay can’t be closed (emergency stop)
🔧 Lot of bugfixes & enhancements

🎆 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle feature: économiseur d’écran après 30sec d’innactivité pendant l’impression !
✏ Nouvelle feature: database des commandes GCODE lors de l’envoi de commande + auto-complétion + détails des commandes !
✏ Nouveau widget : tous vos profils OctoPrint dans une même liste pour démarrer Printoid rapidement !
✏ Rework du panel des commandes
✏ Nouvelle option : désactiver le doze mode d’Android
✏ Image des profils dans les widgets
✏ Réorganisation des paramètres UI
🔧 Le bouton “stop motors” envoie les deux commandes M18 & M84
🔧 Amélioration de l’affichage des températures
🔧 Fix du streaming par superposition qui ne peut pas être fermé (bouton “stop”)
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs et améliorations


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