Trick #14: The app says “invalid license” but I’ve purchased the app

Since a few days, Google is spreading a silent update of the Google Play app and associated services. Unfortunately, this update seems to break a lot of license links with some Printoid installations.

Fortunately, only a few users have encountered this issue (less than 1%).

Why Printoid embeds a licensing system: that’s because a lot of bad guys are trying to install Printoid PRO or PREMIUM (the two paid flavors on Google Play) from an external APK, sideloading it on their phone without purchasing it. Doing that, they steal my hard work 😦 That’s why the PRO and PREMIUM features are grayed out when the license is detected as wrong, or not detected at all.

Here are three solutions to solve fastly the license issue. Please first try the 1st one because it is the fastest one, then the other ones.

Solution 1: reboot your phone

Simply reboot your phone. Most of time, this fixes the license issue and you can work with the full version of Printoid again.

Solution 2: reinstall the app from Google Play

That’s the best way to make the link again between Printoid and the Google Play licensing service. Don’t worry, you will not loose any data or configuration!

  1. Start Printoid PRO or PREMIUM
  2. Backup your data (you can follow this tutorial)
  3. Be sure you’ve properly backed-up your data in your external storage
  4. Uninstall Printoid PRO or PREMIUM
  5. Go to Google Play on your device and install the app again
  6. Restore your data from the first welcome screen (you can follow the second part of the same tutorial)

That’s all!

Solution 3: be smart, and advice the developer of this issue

If the two previous solutions don’t work in your case, please contact me by using the form from this website, or by e-mail at

It’s not necessary to post a bad review on Google Play complaining about this issue, for the following reasons:

  • The issue will not be fixed at all when you post that kind of comment
  • I will not be able to help you at all because I can’t ask you for additional details
  • The other users does not case about your license issues 😉

3 thoughts on “Trick #14: The app says “invalid license” but I’ve purchased the app

  1. I am facing this issue on a Xiaomi Redmi Pro with MIUI. The solution I found for it is even faster than rebooting the phone. When the message appears, I click on the “menu” button and close the Play Store app. Then I only have to open it again, go back to the Printoid app and then it’s solved. Hope it can help someone.


  2. I cant purchase, Google play dont let me do it, all my divice not are compatible with my divices and dont let me purchase


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