Version 7.10 (05/21/2017)

Hi everybody!

New pace of updates: one release each 10 days. So you will get now 3 versions of Printoid per month. I think its is better for everyone: less updates to do for you, less work for me, and last but not least more time to perform the tests before releasing the app. Since last month, I’ve tried to work like that:

  1. Five days for the new features
  2. Two days for the bug fixes
  3. Three days for the tests

I hope this new planning pace will allow me to produce a better application releases after releases. Also, since the app has grown a lot during the last monthes, I will do all my best to test the whole app each time I need to publish a new version of Printoid. So… I will print a lot and a lot small animal figures and give them to children around me 🙂


1/ New widgets development

In this release, I’ve tried to give more consideration to the users who have purchased the Premium version. First of all, I want to thank you so much for your purchase of the Premium flavor of Printoid, and for your encouragements! Most of you have purchased Printoid Premium not for the features but only for supporting my work. I appreciate! So here is a gift for you guys, I’ve started the development of a lot of new widgets for your app launchers!

The first one is included in this release. It’s a widget to monitor the printing job (that’s the same layout of the ‘monitoring’ card from Printoid… but without having to start the app!) Moreover, you can add one monitor widget per OctoPrint profile you’ve created in Printoid: so you will be able to monitor all your printers from the same screen right now!

You can also start/pause/stop/restart your printings from this widget.

Important note: this widget does not update automatically. And it’s the expected behavior. I don’t want to make an app that kills your data fair-use, so when you want to get an updated state of your printers, please just click on the widget once!


2/ Rework of the SSH commands

Since Printoid 7.04, you are able to send SSH commands and get the results in a toast. But in fact, the new process has introduced two regressions in some cases:

  • The command takes a long time to be executed
  • The shell process is killed after 1 second timeout after the last result read

Now you have the possibility to request the SSH result (i.e. last line written by your script or command) and it is off by default (can be enabled from the command editor)

Also, you can now send SSH commands even if OctoPrint is not reachable (that means, when Printoid is not connected to your server). If ever you’ve entered both LAN and WAN IP in your server configuration, then Printoid will prompt you which IP should be used for the command.


3/ You have purchased the PRO version and your want the PREMIUM one

Of course, you can migrate from the PRO version to the PREMIUM one, here is the process:

  1. Send me by e-mail the purchase number for the PRO version you’ve received from Google
  2. Backup your app data (please check this tutorial)
  3. Purchase the PREMIUM version
  4. Restore your app data (please check this tutorial)
  5. Then I will refund you for the PRO version

Important notes:

  • There is no other way for me actually to perform the migration. So please, don’t expect magik or something like that, and follow the previous steps 😉
  • Without your purchase number, I can’t refund you the PRO version. I simply need this number to retrieve your purchase and generate an invoice for the refund.
  • If I want you to purchase the PREMIUM version before refunding you the PRO version, it’s because if ever I revoke your PRO license, the app will be automatically uninstalled from your phone. In that case, you won’t be able to backup & restore your app data 🙂


🌹 Changelog

✏ New job monitoring widget for your home launcher! (Premium feature)
✏ Enhance the snapshots widget timeout and look & feel
✏ Rework SSH commands: your should activate the “display result” option now
✏ SSH commands can be sent even if Printoid is not connected to OctoPrint
✏ Enhance the zoom method in the 2D visualizer
✏ More colors in the menu!
🔧 Add a link to the tutorial when the license seems invalid
🔧 Remove the manual computation of remaining time
🔧 Fix the snackbars duration on screen

🌹 Note de version

Version 7.10 :
✏ Nouveau widget de monitoring pour votre lanceur d’apps ! (fonctionnalité Premium)
✏ Amélioration du widget de snapshots
✏ Amélioration des commandes SSH : le résultat de la commande est en option
✏ Les commandes SSH peuvent être envoyées même si Printoid n’est pas connecté
✏ Amélioration du zoom dans le visualiseur 2D
✏ Plus de couleurs dans le menu !
🔧 Ajout d’un lien vers le tutoriel lorsque la licence semble invalide
🔧 Suppression de la recalculation du temps restant
🔧 Fix de la durée des snackbars à l’écran


(The new job monitor widget for the Premium users)


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