Version 6.07 (09/01/2017)

Again, a lot of work in this new release 🙂

I’ve ended the integration of the timelapses in Printoid! You were so many to request me this feature, now you can finally control the timelapses options from Printoid:

  • Enable/Disable the timelapse
  • Choose your type of timelapse (timed or on Z changed)
  • Edit the parameter of the selected type

You can also see different kind of timelapses in the list:

  • Rendered timelapses (you can download & play them when you want)
  • Unrendered timelapses (you can request OctoPrint to render them when your printer is idle, or disconnected)
  • Rendering timelapses (you can only wait for the rendering end!)
  • Recording timelapse (this is the currently recording timelapse according your current job)


I’ve also try to implement the full support of the connections using SSL (HTTPS), i.e. bypassing the untrusted certificate. Unfortunately, Google Play has rejected this version (that’s why there is no v6.06!). Since I’m not able at all to fix this in Printoid, you can contact me if you want a custom version of Printoid that include all the necessary patches, if ever you encounter some issues.

🎆 Changelog

✂ Gestion de la configuration de vos timelapses!
✂ Affiche désormais les timelapses non rendus/en cours de rendu/ en cours d’enregistrement
✂ Téléchargez les timelapses une seule fois et consultez les quand vous le souhaitez
🔧 Support complet de la connexion avec SSL (HTTPS)
🔧 Amélioration de la navigation par le clavier dans l’éditeur de profil d’imprimante


screenshot_20170109-164221(The timelapses panel in portrait)

screenshot_20170109-164235(The timelapses panel in landscape)


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