[IMPORTANT] Depublication of Printoid PREMIUM in some countries

Dear Printoid users, I regret to announce the unpublication of Printoid Premium from Google Play in some countries… Unfortunately, the app is no more available everywhere in the world on Google Play. The main reason is how Google handles the V.A.T. (value-added taxes) in these countries. It became too hard, too expensive and too time … More [IMPORTANT] Depublication of Printoid PREMIUM in some countries

Transfer of Printoid

Printoid will be transferred in the AS Mobile Development company.This way, on Google Play, you will not see my name anymore close to the app name: Before After This change will be applied in the next days. As a user, nothing will change for you 🙂 I will remain the main developer on the project … More Transfer of Printoid

[IMPORTANT] End of support for Android 4.1 (API 16)

Printoid v14.05 now supports Android API 17 and higher. API 16 stands for Android v4.1.x. API 17 stands for Android v4.2.x. API 16 was represented by a very (very) few amount of tablets (less than 0.05% of the devices used to run Printoid). That’s why I’ve removed the support for those devices. And this will … More [IMPORTANT] End of support for Android 4.1 (API 16)

Version 14.05 (11/13/2019)

Printoid v14.05 is a new version, based on requirements received recently by users. Integration of the Tuya Smartplug plugin https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/tuyasmartplug/ Work based on OctoPrint-TPLinkSmartplug and python-tuya. This plugin controlls Tuya-based SmartPlugs. The plugin integration in Printoid is available for Premium users only. You can directly switch your plugs from the left menu, or from the dedicated page within the plugins … More Version 14.05 (11/13/2019)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] I need beta testers for Printoid!

Dear Printoid users, I need a lot of beta testers, ready to experiment the new interface of Printoid! This will come in the next weeks. To be tested: A brand new way to display the printer information (using tabs) A brand new notification system, more efficient This new version will be (probably) called Printoid v14. … More [ANNOUNCEMENT] I need beta testers for Printoid!