Version 15.00 (04/25/2020)

Here finally comes a new major version of Printoid, after weeks of work!

The new v15.00 is out on Google Play with a lot of new things!

Progressive release:

  • If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.
  • Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.

Brand new file manager!

The file manager has been totally reworked, following 3 main axis:

  1. The navigation should be more natural, more convenient
  2. The space of the screen should be optimized to show more information
  3. The feature should be more modular in order to add more information in the future releases

So I’ve reworked the way to display and interact with your files. In v15.00, here what has changed:

  1. No more difference between the small manager (in the “Grid” dashboard) and the fullscreen manager. The files are showing the same way in both modes. No more need to expand/collapse the file details in the small manager to show more information. No more need to click on a file in the fullscreen manager to show the file details.
  2. No more action button in the file row. Now you have to long-press on the file of your choice to show the action bar above (or click on the “adjust” icon on the right of the file name)
  3. New screen to show the file details. No more “top card” to display the file information in fullscreen. Now a simple click on the file of your choice open a dedicated screen to show you all the useful information about this file.
  4. “Move file” action is more natural. The feature now depends on the file row itself, not on “which file has been clicked last”. You can find this feature with the other actions by long-clicking on the file, or clicking on it to open its details.
  5. New animations when something happen. When a new file has been uploaded, or deleted. Or when opening the action bar on a file. The animations are now smoother than before.
  6. “NEW” badge on new files. This badge is showing on the right of your file if it has been uploaded in the past 12 hours. This badge disappear automatically after 12 hours.
  7. Thumbnail support. For those who have installed the PrusaSlicer Thumbnail plugin, and are slicing with PrusaSlicer. More details in the following.
  8. Lot of UI adjustments. The texts are showing better. It’s now easier to find your files and to take a look at the information you need before printing.

Support of PrusaSlicer Thumbnails plugin

For those who…

Then you can automatically show a preview of your files in Printoid!

Please follow the information provided in the plugin page if they are not showing well for you:

Since PrusaSlicer only enables thumbnails by default for the Prusa Mini you may need to manually update your configuration files. Those can be found by selecting Show Configuration Folder from the Help menu of the application and then inside the printers sub-folder you’ll find your printer profiles.

Note: If you don’t see your printer’s ini file in the printers sub-folder; you are probably using one of the bundled Prusa Printer profiles (ie MK3S). If so you may need to create a copy of this printer profile to be able to have an ini file to edit. To do this in PrusaSlicer go to the Printer Settings tab and Click the save button next to the printer list and give it a new name. Alternatively, push Prusa Research to update their bundled profiles to match the Mini by commenting in the issue posted on their repository here.

Open your desired printer profile in your favorite text editor and find the thumbnails = section and add the resolution that you would like to include in your sliced files, and therefore visible by this plugin. For example thumbnails = 16x16,220x124 will be the equivalent of the Prusa Mini as described above.

Warning: the higher the resolution of the thumbnail you enter in this setting the larger your gcode file will be when sliced.

I’m also sorry for the users who are using another slicer… this feature is not available for you since your GCODE does not embeds at all the preview.

Screenshots and videos

Here are some screenshots and video showing you the new file manager!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

🌿 Changelog

✏ New file manager navigation & design!
✏ “NEW” badge is showing for files uploaded within the previous 12 hours
✏ Support of PrusaSlicer Thumbnail plugin for file preview in the file manager!
✏ Printoid can now warn you in real time if monitoring a printing job in background
✏ New alert: trigger notification on printer status changed
🔧 Fix widget refresh button
🔧 Fix WearOS module and improve look & feel
🔧 Fix buttons design
🔧 Fix changelog on new version available looking bad
🔧 Transition between pages are more fluid
🔧 If LAN & WAN IP are the same, it is no more a blocking point
🔧 Fix issue 403 for /api/login for LITE users
🔧 Lot of bug fixes and improvements

🌿 Notes de version

✏ Nouveau manager de fichier: navigation revue et nouveau design !
✏ Le badge “NEW” s’affiche sur les fichiers téléchargés depuis moins de 12 heures
✏ Support du plugin PrusaSlicer Thumbnail pour voir une image de votre fichier dans le navigateur !
✏ Printoid peut vous notifier lorsque l’appli monitore une impression en tâche de fond
✏ Nouvelle alerte : notification au changement de statut de l’imprimante
🔧 Fix du bouton de rafraichissement des widgets
🔧 Fix du module WearOS
🔧 Fix du design des boutons
🔧 Fix du changelog de la nouvelle version qui s’affiche mal
🔧 La transition entre les écrans est plus fluide
🔧 Si l’IP LAN et WAN sont identiques, ce n’est plus un point bloquant
🔧 Fix du problème 403 sur /api/login pour les utilisateurs LITE
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs et améliorations

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