[IMPORTANT] Alert: Covid19

I will not explain again what’s the Covid19 (Coronavirus) and how to protect yourself and your family / your friends against this pandemia. You may already know everything about it.

Stay home, when it is requested by your government. Please, follow the instructions, and don’t try to be a ‘hero’ or a kind of ‘resistant’. The real heroes are our doctors, our nurses, our caregivers, fighting against the virus. Firemen and policemen, guardians of our security. Cashiers and garbage collectors, helping us to live as ‘normally’ as possible.

You can help them, by printing a lot of visors to protect face against the virus, with your 3D printer(s). That’s easy, low-cost, and very helpful. Here are the instructions and the 3D files:


Let’s mobilize for our real heroes!

from Lundkvistarna


from 3D Printing Nerd



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