[Important note] The Android Wear app is for Android Wear, not for Tizen

As it is clearly indicated in Google Play, in this website, in Twitter, in Facebook and in the whole promotional & public notes, the Android Wear feature integrated in Printoid is made for Android Wear. That means you need to have a wear running Android Wear if you want to use it.

This module won’t run at all in the Samsung wears, because Samsung wears are NOT running Android Wear but Tizen Wear.

Tizen Wear and Android Wear are two different operating systems. In the same manner, we can’t run an iOS application on an Android phone, until the portage has been done.

For the moment, I have not planned to port the Android Wear module to Tizen. For the only reason that I don’t have any Tizen Wear device. I won’t make an app without the possibility to test it.

I’ve received a lot of e-mails about that. I understand that some of you are a bit lost with the wear’s operating systems, and some of you are a bit confused with the Android Wear & Tizen differences. But I also receive a bunch of insults and unfounded threats. And that’s just unbelievable. I can’t accept that kind of behavior.

So, I would ask to some of you to stop complaining about the fact that their wears are not supported:

  • No, it is not dramatic.
  • No, it is not cheeky from myself to only support Android Wear.
  • No, Printoid is not a “shitty app until it does not support Samsung Wear”.
  • No, Printoid is not a “swindle app because it has a wear module but it is not available for Samsung Wear”.
  • No, I don’t have to remove the Android wear module until Tizen is supported.

Of course, I don’t wanna target the users who’ve simply asked me if the wear app is available for their Samsung Wear. I only wanna target the guys who are calling me “assh*le” in their e-mails for this reason.

To summarize:

  • Printoid is available for Android.
  • Printoid Wear is available for Android Wear.
  • Printoid will be probably available for iOS. But not for the moment.
  • Printoid Wear will be probably available for Samsung Wear. But not for the moment.

Thank you for your comprehension,



7 thoughts on “[Important note] The Android Wear app is for Android Wear, not for Tizen

  1. Stephane, I was shocked to read about the Android/Tizen Wear issue — keep up the fantastic work you are doing and thank you very much for it!



  2. Hi, i am having a Gears S3. It will be nice if a app will appear else i will live my live without 🙂 I use printoid on my phone and tablet. It works great.
    Greetings Tobias


      1. Hate to hear that it will not be ported to Samsung Wear, would love to be able to use it with my galaxy watch. Hopefully someone will come up with an alternative. Doesnt work on my Fire tablets either, just my phone and Id like to be able to expand its use.


      2. Tim,
        Why it will never be ported on Samsung Gear:
        -> 1: The wearable devices are almost dead. It is a fact: they don’t have the same success as the smartphones
        -> 2: Samsung Wear has a very few market share regarding the wearable devices
        -> 3: I don’t have any Samsung Wear device to test a potential version of Printoid Wear
        -> 4: I don’t have enough free time to work on such kind of “feature” for only 10 or 20 users, unfortunately
        Please note that I am not a multinational: I’m just a developer, working on Printoid in my bedroom 😉


      3. Dead? Im not sure I would call it dead, maybe perhaps this is dependent on location in the world. In the US smart watches seem far from dead. Obviously they would not be as popular as a phone, 2 totally different things.

        I see there are some apps in the works for Tizen tho and they are taking advantage of the rotating bezel movements so that is promising.

        Thanks for your input and letting us know that you wont be putting any work into the wear tech aspect.


      4. Tim,

        I understand your point of view, unfortunately Printoid is not my full time job, I only do that on my free time.
        If I have argument not to spend my free time to develop Printoid Wear for Tizen, so… I will not force myself to do that.

        In my point of view, as the developer of the app, I will not gain anything to develop a module for Tizen: I will not gain millions of users, I will not increase my incomes. So, that’s why I don’t want to “work into the wear tech aspect”, as you said in your previous message ^^ My free time is precious, I have a family, I have friends. When I develop new features for Printoid, I’m using my free time : so I want to, at least, do things that make sense for the app 😉


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