[Important note] Support of 2 cameras for the PRO users

To all the Pro users who sent me an e-mail about the free migration to the Premium version.

Yesterday I’ve released a new feature for the Premium users: the ability to handle two camera feeds!
I have produced a lot of work to integrate that feature. Indeed I had to reduce a lot the CPU usage of Printoid in order to keep a good user experience even when the app is loading two streams.
That’s why I’ve considered this feature as a Premium feature. But, of course, I’ve offered to the Pro users who have purchased the Pro version before yesterday a free migration to the Premium version.
But, today, I can see that this feature was expected by a lot and a lot (and a lot) of users: I have received more than 850 e-mails this night for the free migration… I can’t read theim all, unfortunately. I don’t have enough free time! Moreover, I didn’t expected than I would have to generate as many free codes! And Google Play doesn’t allow me to generate more code than the limit.
So, I’ve decided to integrate the support of 2 cameras in the Pro version too. The update will be available for you in the next days on Google Play!
I hope you understand my choices, and be sure I’m doing all my best to produce the best application for everyone!

3 thoughts on “[Important note] Support of 2 cameras for the PRO users

  1. More capability for free. Even though it’s not the premium version, I am more than satisfied. Thank you.


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