Version 7.08 (05/03/2017)

A lot of new features in Printoid 7.08! Still in order to enhance the user experience, here’s what’s new in this release:

1/ Configuration of the camera parameters

You are probably using mjpeg streamer for your cameras. In fact, 98% of you are using it. This powerful tool let you adjusting a lot of image settings, like the brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, image quality… Now you can directly access to these parameters from the settings in the app! (section ‘streaming’)

2/ Tile to take a snapshot of your camera(s)

The previous versions brings you the possibility to create a tile in the notification panel (Android’s quick settings). Here is a new tile to take a snapshot of your camera(s) and directly save it in the storage.

The full tutorial is available here.

I’ve also enhanced the previous tile, in order to collapse automatically the notification panel when clicked.


3/ Keep screen ON behaviour

Some of you are a bit annoyed by the ‘keep screen ON’ behaviour in Printoid. Now you can disable it from the settings (section ‘UI’). Please note that you should probably restart the app to take your change into account.

4/ Restart printing button

When you stand-by your current printing, you have the ability to start it again where it has been paused. Some of you requested me a button to restart the printing from the beginning in order to skip the (pretty long) heating process. Here it is, the button is now available between the 2D simulator and the ‘play again’ buttons. Please note that this button is not protected by a dialog, when clicked your printing will be directly restarted from the beginning.

5/ Auto baudrate and serial port

Some of you reporting me that they can’t connect to their 3D printer using Printoid. In fact and most of time, I’ve discovered that you are using the ‘AUTO’ mode for the serial port. Now you can also select this mode in Printoid in order to prevent conflicts with the inner configuration of OctoPrint.

Same for the baudrate, a lot of new users don’t know which value should be set. That’s why I’ve also integrated the ‘AUTO’ mode for the baudrate, in the OctoPrint profile.


6/ Home launcher widgets enhancements

I’ve noticed that I’ve missed the camera rotation & horizontal/vertical flips support for the launcher widgets. My bad! Now the features are integrated.

Please note that you should re-add the widgets on your launcher because each widget handle autonomously its parameters. If you change them in the app settings, they are not forwarded to the widgets. For the only reason that, if ever you delete an OctoPrint server from Printoid, then the widget will continue to work properly on the launcher. That’s more pleasant than having an empty box on the screen 😉


🌹 Changelog

✏ Configure the brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure… of your cameras!
✏ New Android quick settings tile to take a snapshot
✏ New option to disable the ‘keep screen ON’ mode
✏ New ‘restart’ current printing button when paused
✏ The launcher widgets now supports rotation & flips
✏ The baudrate can be set to ‘AUTO’
✏ The serial port can be set to ‘AUTO’
🔧 Lot of UI enhancements


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