Version 6.15 (01/26/2017)

I’ve heard all your requests since the beginning of this new year. Here is a new release, that complete the previous v6.14 and brings is batch of fix & enhancements.

First, I’ve heard that some of you really want to protect their GCODE/SSH commands (in both commands panel & home screen). So you can now activate this option in the custom command editor.

The connector is now even smarter. It will handle the moment when your connectivity changes, and keep the app connected to your OctoPrint server. For example, you are connected to your local network and you start a new printing. If you leave your home (and so get connected to the 3G/4G) Printoid will keep the connection by switching automatically to the WAN settings.

Also, there is now a way to display the streaming & the printing informations on the same screen in portrait mode. You can minimize the streaming panel from the left-edge menu. Please read these tutorials first: how to expand/minimize a view and how to reorder the main screen panels.

Finally, some of you though that the checkboxes states are confusing. So I decided to replace them by Android’s toggle buttons.

And, last but not least, I’ve fixed the Wear app crashes. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, that was due to a regression introduced by the integration of the OctoPrint’s system commands. Mea culpa!

🎆 Changelog

✏ New option in custom commands: ask for confirmation before sending the command
🔧 The connector is even smarter, handling the connectivity changes to keep Printoid connected to your server!
🔧 Allow to minimize the streaming panel in portrait mode
🔧 Keep the expended/minimized states in memory
✏ Change all checkboxes for toggle buttons
🔧 Fix crash when trying to start the Wear app

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