Version 6.14 (01/24/2017)

A lot of enhancements in this v6.14 (bugfix, stability issues, etc).

I’ve also added a new theme: Black Shadow! A bit less dark than the ‘high-contrast’ theme for the OLED displays 😉

Feel free to contact me if ever you find another issue. Don’t hesitate to send the bug report to the developer if ever the application crashes, that’s the best way for me to resolve that as soon as possible 🙂

🎆 Changelog

🔧 Add QWERTZ keyboard layout
🔧 Open extended files manager & timelapses with keyboard or ADB
🔧 Allow to set a custom port with the LAN IP (optional)
✏ New theme available: “Black Shadow”
🔧 Allow to abort the current print from the floating icon (streaming by overlay)
✏ Enhance spinners dropdown menu layout
🔧 Enhance the processes in background (+ stability)
🔧 Lot of bugfixes

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