Version 6.13 (01/20/2017)

2 new features in the new v6.13!

The first one concerns the custom commands panel. Indeed, most of the Printoid users don’t really understand what’s a SSH command and how to use it. I’ve integrated the SSH commands in order to pilot your Raspberry Pi (or any machine that is hosting OctoPrint), such as executing specific shell scripts, switching the GPIO outputs, restart the server, etc. You can do what you want in your machine with the SSH commands!

But I totally agree with you, those who are not accustomed to network operations are a bit lost. Also, most of you are annoyed by the fact that they should duplicate their commands (in OctoPrint + in Printoid). Now Printoid will retrieve the user commands from your config.yaml file. When you install Printoid for the first time, or update to the v6.13, your commands will be automatically added to the “commands” panel.

The second feature concerns the files manager: now you can move your files from a folder (or from the root) to another folder (or to the root)

I’ve also reworked the settings panel. More clear, less informations on the same screen. The categories can be browsed by a horizontal toolbar in portrait mode, or from a vertical toolbar in landscape mode.

The search engine is now more robust: you can search for special characters (such as dots, comma, slash… even if it’s not so good to put a slash in your file name). If you wanna get the whole list of available files, without the folders integration, you can search for * (* means ‘all’)

As requested by a user, you can now force the time format to 12h or 24h. By default, this option is OFF. (you can find it in the Printoid’s settings, category ‘HMI’).

๐ŸŽ† Changelog

โœ Retrieve the user commands from OctoPrint in Printoid (from config.yaml)
โœ New settings panel: the settings are now classified by categories
๐Ÿ“‚ Files can be moved from a folder to another one
โœ Files and Timelapses can be set as quick-actions in the status bar
๐Ÿ”ง Allow to force 12H or 24H time format
๐Ÿ”ง Enhance file search engine
๐Ÿ”ง Fix interface for right-to-left devices

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