Version 6.12 (01/18/2017)

3 new themes in this release, clearer than the previous ones.

A new font is used in Printoid (Gravity), a bit thinner than Roboto. That way the interface is a bit more comfortable.
Furthermore, according the pictures of 3D printers / Printoid I’ve received all over the world, I’ve decided to enhance a lot the UI for the tablets (7″ and 10″)

I’ve finally fixed a lot of regression introduced with the new themes manager.

🎆 Changelog

✏ New font (Gravity) a bit thinner than Roboto
✏ 3 new themes! Blue ocean, Red fire and Green summer
✏ Enhance a lot the interface for the tablets
🔧 Fix a lot of issues introduced with the new theme manager
🔧 Fix crashes when rotating the screen

screenshot_20170118-190606(The new font ‘Gravity’)

screenshot_20170117-203458(The new theme ‘Blue Ocean’)

screenshot_20170117-203512(The new theme ‘Green summer’)

screenshot_20170118-190651(The new theme ‘Red Fire’)

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