Trick #3: How to reorder the cards of the main screen

How to reorder the cards of the main screen?

Since the v5.00, you’re now able to reorder the card in the main screen. For the moment, this is only available in portrait mode, but don’t worry this will be available for the landscape mode soon 🙂

This is pretty simple, you just have to perform a long click on the card (take care, the long click is not handled on sensitive objects like buttons for example).

Then, you have to drag and drop the card where you want 🙂 The position will be adjusted automatically by Printoid when you release your finger press.

Important note: this could be a bit difficult to drag-n-drop the file manager card on some devices since it contains a scrollable list. Two solutions: you can perform the long press on one of the three icons on the left (search / upload / sort), or even simplier you can open the sort screen by clicking on the associated icon, then it will be more convenient to move the card 😉

Here’s a small video to demonstrate how does this feature work.




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