Version 5.00 (11/10/2016)

The new v5.00 is finally out now! Why a v5 of Printoid?

Simply because I wanna open a new era for the application, and let you the possibility to customize more and more the UI.
First with this update, you will be available to reorder the main screen’s cards to your taste. This is initially only available in portrait mode. But don’t worry this will also come in landscape mode 😉

See this quick demo video to see how it works.

I’ve also enhanced the file manager, in order to display more informations (filament volume, update from, etc) and the very long file names now scoll automatically when the row is selected.

🍁 Changelog

🔃 Now you can reoder the four cards of the main screen in portait mode! Long press on a card then drag-n-drop it where you want! (reorder in landscape mode will come in a next release) More informations on
📂 File manager now displays more informations, and long name will scroll automatically when selected




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