Trick #1: Expand the panels

How to display a panel in fullscreen?

It’s possible to display any panel in fullscreen mode. Simply open the menu, and click on the “Expand view” option.

If you were in the main screen, you will be able to select which of the panels you want to expand: just click on the choosen one. If even you had opened the streaming panel or the command panel, it will be automatically expanded in landscape mode (in portrait mode, these panels are already displayed in fullscreen, that’s why the option is grayed out).

If you want to leave the fullscreen mode, three possibility are available:

  • Press the back button of your phone;
  • Press the back arrow in the top left of Printoid;
  • Open the menu and click the expand option again.


(Option to expand a panel in the menu)



(The control panel displayed in fullscreen (landscape mode))



(The temperatures panel displayed in fullscreen (landscape mode))


Extra-tools in fullscreen mode

Some panels like the video streaming or the files manager display extra-tools for conveniance.



(You will be still able to adjust your axis when the streaming is expanded in landscape mode)



(The files manager allows you to search a file from a search bar, only available in fullscreen mode.

Note that you can also expand this panel by clicking on the magnifying glass from the main interface)

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