Version 4.12 (11/02/2016)

Here comes the v4.12 of Printoid (may be one of the last iteration of the v4 before the v5.0! But I still heard your numerous feedbacks by e-mail & from

I know that the menu was not really intuitive, and the opening animation was a bit long on some devices. So I’ve decided to implement instead the basic navigation drawer of Android. With this new menu, the access is more simple (from the menu button – the burger at the top left corner – or by pulling the screen left edge to the right). Since the slide gesture is now present, you’re allowed to hide the menu icon: by doing that you’ll have now one more available slot for the quick access icons on the right of the action bar, so up to 4 selectable features instead of 3.

I was also a bit curious when a user comes to me to request the Z axis inversion. I though OctoPrint was properly handling all the possible configuration for the Z axis but I was false. So you’re now able to do so πŸ™‚

🍁 Changelog

πŸŽ’ New menu, more consistant with the Android design (can be pulled from the screen left edge)
πŸ™ˆ Allow to hide the menu button (= one more space for quick access shortcuts)
πŸ”„ Allow to invert the Z axis controls
πŸ“§ New option in the menu for direct access to the official Printoid website
⚑ Fix QR code scanning with some devices
🌐 Use basic auth settings during OctoPrint web-interface loading
✏ Update printer name when selecting another profile


(The new menu, in portrait mode)


(The new menu, in landscape mode)

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