Version 4.11 (10/30/2016)

Here is the version 4.11 of Printoid. This version allows you to leave the fullscreen mode, if you prefer to show the Android status bar when using Printoid.
Also, some icones have been reworked for a better comprehension of the associated feature. Finally, I’ve fixed the trailing whitespaces issues when you fill the printer profile and some keyboard – like Swiftkey for example – add an extra space at the end of the IP / DNS if you’ve used the auto-completion.

🍁 Changelog

❎ New option to disable the fullscreen mode in the settings
✨ Change print/load/delete icons for better ones
⚠ Warning dialog before deleting a file
🙈 Hide basic auth password in the settings
✏ Fix slicer profile edition on some devices
✒ Trim trailing whitespaces in printer profiles

screenshot_20161030-144253           screenshot_20161030-144201


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