Version 14.04 (11/06/2019)

Printoid v14.04 is out, and brings you new colors 😉

Rework of the interface

Changes looks minor our your side, even if you could notice that some screens have changed a bit.

In fact from my point of view, everything has changed! Android developers will understand, I had to fix my technical debt on this project (every developers are facing this after more than 3 years of development…)

  • App themes has been reworked (a lot have been removed) for a better homogeneity – and are now more compliant with API 24 and + (Printoid still supports API 17 and +, of course)
  • Widgets styles has been totally reworked, and applied everywhere. Now changing only one style will impact every associated widgets (texts, rows, backgrounds, etc…) which is purely better
  • Now instead of using a color from the current theme for the texts, the buttons, etc. I’m using shades of white. Especially pure white + few transparent white colors.
  • I’ve also removed a lot of colors from the shade of every themes. Now the apps runs with a shade of 6 dark colors and only 1 light color (instead of 7 dark colors + 5 light colors before…) The app looks now better, more homogeneous.
  • Also I’ve reworked the way to apply a set of color from a theme on every components of the app: the app is now more fluid, because the process is purely less complicated now.


Why it is still a good news for you, even if changes looks minor on your side? Because starting from now, every changes on the interface will be easier for me 😉 And I will then be able to produce things more modern, very soon.

New themes

Because I’ve changed the way to handle the set of colors from a theme, I was able to integrate more themes very easily with this release 😉

You will find Metal 2020, Red 2020, Green 2020, Yellow 2020 and Purple 2020 from the theme selector (go to the App settings > tab “UI” (the small phone icon) > Theme row)

Hands up for the Purple 2020 theme, which looks very great!

I also know that some of you are waiting for light themes (all current themes are dark). This will come soon 😉 Don’t worry!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Emergency fixes

Thanks to the great help of users, this release also brings fixes:

Onboarding process: now it is easier to navigate between fields, and I’ve protected some fields such as IP / DNS inputs, which are now rejecting automatically spaces for example.

App not updated well: when you go to another app using the recent processes button of your phone, and then bringing back Printoid to the foreground, most of time the content was not updating anymore. Now it is fixed 😉

Z height / terminal content not showing: while printing some users were experiencing missing Z height value and terminal empty of commands. Now it is fixed too, it was an issue with the websocket connection not opened while printing.


Progressive release:

  • If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.
  • Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.


🍂 Changelog

✏ Rework of the app theme, for a better homogeneity
✏ Integrate 4 more themes (Metal/Red/Green/Yellow/Puple 2020)
✏ Integrate more information in Printoid Debug Bridge
🔧 Fix onboarding process (first profile creation)
🔧 Fix app not well updated when bringing back to front
🔧 Fix Z height & terminal not showing well
🔧 Fix some theme colors

🍂 Notes de version

✏ Rework du theme de l’app, pour plus d’homogénéité
✏ Intégration de 4 nouveaux thèmes (Metal/Red/Green/Yellow/Puple 2020)
✏ Intégration de plus d’info dans Printoid Debug Bridge
🔧 Fix du process d’accueil (création du premier profil)
🔧 Fix de l’appli freezée lorsqu’on la remet au premier plan
🔧 Fix de la hauteur Z et du terminal qui ne s’affichent pas
🔧 Fix de certaines couleurs de thèmes


2 thoughts on “Version 14.04 (11/06/2019)

  1. I have insatalled the last version 14.4 (today 09.11.2019) on my Samsung S9, but the Z value is not displayed. and the percent of advancement is not actulized when the video is displayed. in round at the top right.
    The language of printoid is french.


    1. Hello Pascal,
      Is the app in french an issue for you? Or is it because you’re french and your phone is set to french?
      Regarding the Z value not displayed: can you please double check if your OctoPrint crendentials provided in the OctoPrint profile configuration in Printoid are correct?
      Regarding the percent of advancement not displayed, can you please tell me more? We did the issue occurred? Did the issue occurred only once or everytimes?
      For a better support, please contact me at, wordpress comments are bad for support 😉


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