Support the developer on Patreon

Dear Printoid users,

I’m developing Printoid for more than 3 years today. I’ve spent entire days and nights to provide to the community a great tool for their 3D printer(s) controlled by OctoPrint.

To monetize my work, Printoid PREMIUM is a paid app on Google Play. This version only costs about $7.99 USD (it’s less than the half of price of a spool of PLA !). This revenue allows me to cover the development cost (spools and devices I use during my many tests of the app, website hosting, backend hosting, electricity, Internet, etc…)

But, I still could not leave from my passions of the software development and 3D printing.

If you love the application, you can support my work and my investment on the application becoming my patreon!

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 10.39.46.png

Patreon is a nice and secured platform that allows users and consumers to support financially independent developers, artists, engineers, etc…

You can pledge the amount of your choice, for the duration of your choice. You can of course cancel your pledge when you want.

Yes, I want to help you and become your patreon!

You can also support the (fabulous) work of Gina, the developer of OctoPrint on Patreon too!


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