[RollingUp] Version 2.00 (08/02/2019)


After almost 1 year of inactivity, here comes the new version of RollingUp, the filament spool manager app for Android.

If you are still not using RollingUp, here is the dedicated page. You can also download the app from Google Play here.

There are a lot of changes in this v2.0! It answer to many feedbacks I’ve received from users during the past year. Please note that, I will continue to improve the app in the next days!

1/ Manage your 3D printers

You can now add and manage your 3D printers in RollingUp.

Attach your existing spools to your printers and easily find them, without having to search is your whole list of spools.

Order your spools by “printer attached first” to stack them at the top of the list.

And much more to come with this feature!


2/ Sort your spools

From the list of spools (left menu > Manage spools) you can now sort the list of spools. Many options are available.

3/ Add personal note to inputs

You can now add a personal note when adding a new input to a spool. Write what you want, what you need to remember. Write your feeling about this print job!

4/ Show remaining weight in your spools

RollingUp now shows you the remaining length + remaining weight for each spools. This feature was highly requested. Here it is!

You can still go back to the previous display way (only length – only weight) from the app’s settings.


Feel free to send me your feedback regarding this new version at:


Also, feel free to tell me:

  • what can I enhance in the app
  • what kind of feature you need to see in the app
  • etc!

🌞 Changelog

✏ New: manage your 3D printers and attach spools
✏ New: sort spools (multiple options)
✏ New: add personal notes to inputs
✏ New: show remaining weight in your spools
✏ New: select spool for input with NFC tag
✏ Rework the look & feel & user experience
🔧 Lot of bugfixes


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