Version 7.04 (04/14/2017)

Version 7.04 – Beta 01 (not an stable release)

Please read the Beta Program tutorial first.

Features under development:

Rework of the OctoPrint profiles panel look & feel: all the information did not fill the screen (especially the smallest one) so now the informations are stacked inside a scrollview. The “advanced settings” are still hidden by default, but the presentation looks more clear and airy.

Rework of the tutorials: the tutorials are the first screens shown by the application to the new users. They are now more modern, more pleasant, and contains more useful information and redirections to the official website. The graphics has been reworked to looks better and “in situ”.

More custom commands displayed in landscape: in order to have ~ the same number of commands displayed in portrait and landscape, there is now one more column in landscape mode. Moreover, the command ‘cards’ are now forced to be square instead of matching the available height of the panel.

Result of SSH commands: when you send one of your custom SSH command from Printoid, its result is now displayed in a toast. By result I mean the last shell line echoed. So you’re now able, for example, to create a “ON/OFF” button (and be able to read the state after the command execution), or to create some buttons to read your Raspberry Pi temperature, sensors values, etc. Simply ‘echo’ the value to be forwarded to Printoid in your batch script to be called.

Better computation of the remaining time: sometimes OctoPrint is a bit overkill and failed in its (complex) computation of the printing remaining time. So it results on a fanciful duration, as for example ~3h of remaining time on a ~4h print, after ~3h of printing. When Printoid detects a fanciful value like that, I will compute the remaining time by myself with a very simple formula: remaining_time = expected_time – elapsed_time. Otherwise if the value returned by OctoPrint looks great, I will use it (threshold is + or – 10% of difference with my own computation)

🌿 Changelog

✏ Rework the OctoPrint profiles panel
✏ Rework the tutorials
✏ Display more custom commands in landscape
✏ The result of SSH commands are now shown at the end of the execution
🔧 Try a better computation of the remaining time
🔧 Fix the input dialog (keyboard for temperatures)
🔧 Lot of bug fixes

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