Beta program

Beta Program – Try the new versions before they’re officially released

Since Printoid v7, in order to get user feedback, I will make new versions and features available before they’re officially released to the general public. You can try these versions and features by joining the Beta Program.

Important: Keep in mind that these versions may be less stable than the later versions officially released to the public. This means the app might crash, or some features might not work properly when you use them. Please only join the Beta Program as an informed user!




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1/ Enable the Beta Program on Google Play

Beta apps are new, experimental versions of apps that are currently available on the Play Store. The beta version may have features that are not available in the public version yet.

To get the beta version of Printoid you have to have the public version installed. Then:

  1. Open the Google Play Store Play Store
  2. Find the version of Printoid (Lite, Pro or Premium) you want to beta test and tap it to go to the app detail page
  3. Open the app detail page and check if it mentions a beta version
  4. Make sure you scroll down as this information could be at the bottom of the page
  5. If a beta version is available, tap Join
  6. Please note that there is a delay between your joining and the availability of the beta version.


2/ Get informed about the new features of the Beta versions

You can also join the opened Beta Program information channel from Printoid. That way, you will receive a notification when a new Beta version is ready to be downloaded and tested, and some other useful stuff to help you understand what’s new and why these changes have been made.

Moreover, that’s the best way for me to understand how the new features are used, since Printoid integrates MixPanel to track the app usages (don’t worry, this does not affect the Privacy Policy at all – your personal data are safe!)

  1. To join the Beta Program channel:
  2. Open Printoid on your phone or tablet
  3. Open the settings panel (from the left menu)
  4. Go to the “+” category (the latest one)
  5. Enable the Beta Program and validate the prompt
  6. Fill the e-mail address and username fields (these informations are only used for the Beta Program communication)

You can disable the Beta Program communication channel at any moment, simply disable it from the Printoid’s settings.

3/ Leave the Beta Program

If you want use the production version of Printoid you have to leave the beta program, uninstall the app, and reinstall the production version. You can leave the Beta Program at any moment.

When you leave and uninstall the beta app, you will lose any customizations you have made to the app. Don’t forget to perform a backup from the Printoid’s settings first.

To leave the Beta Program:

  1. Open the Google Play Store Play Store
  2. Search and open the Printoid app detail page
  3. Scroll down to find the section on beta testing
  4. Tap Leave
  5. Uninstall the app
  6. Reinstall the app. If you don’t uninstall and reinstall the app, it may update when the public version of the app is updated.


4/ More informations about the Beta Program on Google Play