Version 7.05 (04/21/2017)

I’m still working hard on the v7 and its user experience improvements.

This time I’ve reworked the progress dialogs. A lot of you though that the determinate progress bar was a good idea (even if it’s a standard feature in Android apps) but not so happy when the download/upload rate is to bad. Indeed, it was a bit hard to know if the download is currently stucked on the current progress, or if it was an issue or a disconnection. Now, the progress bar will:

  • Show the current progress value in %
  • Be updated each percent (whereas the previous design was updating the bar each 10%)
  • Be cancelable (so you can easily stop the download/upload process)

I’ve also integrated the Home XYZ feature at the bottom right corner of the XY joystick for those who can’t perform unitary home calls with there printers.

Finally, I’ve enhanced the interface, and resolved a lot of bugs and crashes πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much everyone for your great feedbacks.

Printoid Pro will reach its 400th comment on Google Play really soon! Still with an average of 4.9/5 stars πŸ˜‰

🌿 Version 7.05:
✏ Progress dialogs now show the %, are more fluid and cancelable (download/upload)
✏ Add ‘Home XYZ’ feature in bottom-right corner of the joystick
✏ Enhance the Z joystick
✏ Enhance the currently printing file name
✏ Enhance keyboard dialogs (show the current value)
πŸ”§ Fix render issues with Slic3r
πŸ”§ Fix time progress stuck at 100%
πŸ”§ Fix a lot of crashes


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